Overtime, much research has been done to find if Pilates can help to reduce weight. This low impact workout is actually gaining a lot of popularity in recent times as it is beneficial for toning and building  lean mass in the body.

Experts suggest that practicing Pilates can help you stay fit and lose body weight as it is an effective cardio exercise. When you’re on the Pilates mat you will burn a lot of calories. However, if you’re a regular person who loves Pilates, make sure to stick to your routine.

Apart from practicing Pilates, you should also take up a healthy diet and also incorporate some other kinds of exercise as well. If you want your core muscles to strengthen up even more, you should include cycling, walking, and running.

How many calories does Pilates burn?

When you join a Pilates class, your obvious question will be, “how many calories am I going to burn?” Usually, the number of calories you burn depends on your weight. Apart from whether you are taking a Pilates reformer class or practicing on a Pilates mat may also affect this. If you’re taking a class, your Pilates instructor can also influence this based on how rigorously he or she is training you.

How does Pilates help you?

Checkout the following ways Pilates can help you with losing weight:

  1. Body Shaping

Pilates is known to shape up the body, especially the midsection. This usually makes your body look lean and firm. Since Pilates helps you to lose weight, you also tend to look more muscular and healthy. Many people these days are turning to Pilates classes for shaping their body.

  • Movement

In our busy lives these days, many of us find ourselves chained to our office chairs. This, however, is having a negative impact on our bodies. Therefore, regular movement of the body is essential.

In order to lose weight, you need to pick yourself up and keep moving. Pilates exercise can help you  move your body and keeping everything balanced. If you’re completely focused on it, losing weight will become extremely easy for you. Just make sure to do some aerobic cardio exercises for better results.

  • Strengthens the body

You will be able to do Pilates only if you are physically strong. Most people who are overweight or out of shape have problems performing the exercises at first. However, joining Pilates classes will help to not only strengthen your body but also make it flexible.

It can be of great help for toning your muscles. Moreover, experts are of the view that Pilates can help to treat back pain. However, you need to consult your Pilates trainer to ease up the process. If you begin with Pilates, you will be able to do many of life’s daily activities more easily.

  • Activity

You are living in a myth if you believe Pilates can help you get rid of your excess body weight all on its own. You need to combine it with regular exercise, walking, and/or swimming to make it even more effective. Joining a Pilates classes requires you to be more active which will improve all aspects of your daily life.

You should move around efficiently so that you get the chance to burn excess calories. You can consult your Pilates instructor about the process and they will play a great role in helping you stay motivated and get active. Even if you don’t indulge yourself in a rigorous workout, you will be able to lose weight. However, make sure to consult a trainer who has done training at institutions like pilates instructor training Atlanta

How often should you do pilates?

If you are just a beginner, you should visit your Pilates class at least twice a week. To get better results, you can consider joining Pilates reformer classes and yoga as well.

Having a Pilates mat will help you to burn your full body calories by combining your yoga practice at home. If you want to lose weight faster, you should consider joining the combination class such Aspiloxing and Yogalates. Moreover, having some extra strengthening sessions can also be of great help. A healthy exercise routine with a healthy diet can be of great help.

Apart from weight loss and strong muscles, Pilates has also been helpful for improving posture. If you suffer from any kind of injury, Pilates will help to solve it but as always, consult your physician before beginning a new practice. Make sure to include