When business ramps up after a summer season, when seminars, networking, business start ups, bids on new business, new acquisitions, new hires, and fighting these new tax laws! – Can you trust your immune system?  How about the immune systems of your team?  Are day’s being missed due to illness? Do they need a boost?

In business we plan, set strategies, targets to achieve to give and do our best.  Are you doing this with your health and your teams health, today – not tomorrow – today?  Do you plan the season ahead for the next for health and immune strength?  So fewer missed days, meeting deadlines easier – thus less stress on the team and you?

Is your body and overall healing building up or are you wearing down?  Have you gotten sick or expect to because someone at the office or at home is, “Bringing it home for you to catch!”

Do you want to learn some tactics to strengthen this system so it works at its best to fight off the cold/flu season? –Do you want to strengthen the body so it can function, heal and recreate at its best?

Your neve system – it controls everything within you – even your immune system.  Medical studies have shown the intimate connection of these two systems.

What triggers or slows your bodies ability to adapt head on to seasons of busyness and as some see increased exposure to colds and flu?

Stress is the number one cause.  Mental and emotional?  Do you have a lot on your plate?  Some you can manage by time, planning, delegation.  Some you can not.

How is your nutrition right now?  How much are you moving compared to other seasons in the year? Extra meetings, longer days, less time to recover or regenerate – slows the bodies ability to recover and regenerate to fight off the virus’s some 200 a day that come at us.

Stress along with a change in activity compunded.  After having a busy summer outdoors on the golf course, boating, time at the beach, cycling and being outdoors – perhaps the levels of movement have decreased to decreasing the efficiency of your body to defend and fight invaders.

Nutrition – your hours, meet the teacher, networking, late meetings etc., have your nutrition schedule out of kilter – grabbing for more bagels and muffins versus veggies, fruit, lean healthy protein and healthy fats.  This too supresses the bodies ability to function and heal.  Vitamins and minerals– don’t forget those.  Speak to your health care provider, be it a chiropractor, naturopath, Acupuncturist, MD about amounts for you and your family.  Your Vitamin D, Omega-3, magnesium and Probiotics!

What helps you fight a good fight to keep your immune system strong? Chiropractic helps support the nerve system which controls the immune system by releasing interference blocking its efficiency.

Scheduling – it creates more time for spontaneity but allows you to make smart choices with your time so you can be more efficient, effective and stay strong, Do you review you schedule on Sunday?  Do you plan your schedule three months in advance?  At three months do you revisit, tweak, change, or improve your schedule? Do you plan your morning times where you have quiet time to reflect, replenish, perhaps meditate or workout?  Is this scheduled Monday through Friday or weekends too? Or do you jump out of bed in disarray and go?  Do you have times blocked off that are set in stone for rejuvenation and health?  Do you block of your work day on the calendar and then set up the schedule for after work and then times form 8-10pm?  Is it planned?  If you want more insight or information on this let me know.

Do you plan your fall season in the summer? when it comes to how many networking events you plan to attend, where do your workouts/exercise fit in, or do you need a trainer to support you getting into a routine?  There are many available within city facilities, private or outdoors.  Check out Achieve Personal Training Downtown – in a gym or run groups outdoors? Maybe joining the Friday am group up the Hill by the Kinsmen – The November Project?   With your nutrition look at investing in some new lunch kits from Carbon in the High Street area/Chapters/Indigo to name a few that inspire you to pre-make lunches for the week.  Cut up all your veggies, fruit and if possible proteins into servings on Sunday for the next 5 days and set them in a separate section of your fridge so you just need to grab a bag/reusable of course, to go each day to add into your lunch.  Don’t forget snacks.  Too perhaps a new stylish water bottle to sit at your desk so it is easy to grab and take sips throughout the day.  It sounds like work – yes to start, but in the end setting up strategies and systems makes things significantly easier in the long run.

Do you Plan you family time?  Another area that is so important to do!! Reconnection!!  Reconnection with family and friend’s will move you in healthier directions!

These are among only a few ideas I am sharing today.  For more information, ideas or to ask questions please give us a call.  780-484-2272

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Dr. Wendy Coburn