It’s something that is becoming much more commonplace nowadays: the workplace drug test, in which your employer wants to make sure you’re on the straight and narrow and not soling the evil weed! This is despite cannabis having been legalized for leisure and medical use in many states across the USA and in Canada! The employer has the right, however, and they also have a duty to ensure those who they employ are capable of doing the job. After all, drivers, machine operators and other jobs that have inherent risk are not really suitable for the regular marijuana user.

So, you’ve been told you need to take a drug test – your employer will give you advance warning so you can start sorting yourself out – what should you do now? The first thing you need to do is stop smoking weed right away. That’s vital, and we men right away. What the drug test will be looking for is the presence of THC in your system – that’s the psychoactive element in cannabis – so the next thing you need to is start a detox, and flush it from your body.

The Best THC Detox

Now, here’s the thing: THC remains in the system for some time, and how long – and in what quantity – depends entirely on who you are, and how much you smoke. The problem is that there is not one THC detox that – no matter what the maker claims – can 100% guarantee it will flush the THC from your body. However, that’s not to say they don’t work, as for a great many people they are successful. You need to make sure you read up on the best advice before your drug test and that link will take you to an excellent resource, plus you need to start researching detox packages.

It’s important to know that there are various forms of drug test: the standard swab test for marijuana is one, the urine test another, and the most difficult to beat is the one everyone dreads, the hair follicle drugs test. Now, it is possible to detox for all three, but we are being honest when we say the hair follicle test is difficult to get around. However, if you check that link you’ll find that there are a few brands – we recommend you have a look at Toxin Rid for all three types of test – that are reputable and that return a decent level of satisfactory results, so that’s your starting point.

What More Can You Do?

First and foremost, when you get your detox products, read the instructions on usage and dosage very, very carefully, as you need to follow them precisely if you are to stand any chance of getting the right result. These detox routines involve several days of taking pills on a regular basis, eating certain provided food supplements, and washing your hair with detox shampoo, and you need to keep to the required routine. What you must not do is just have a ‘quick smoke’; for regular users it is going to be a difficult time, but it’s only for a matter of days and if you want to keep your job, it’s certainly worth it.

In addition to the detox products, drink a lot of water – or juice products – and pass water regularly. Taking exercise also helps, and it can help stem the craving for THC. But whatever you do, follow those instructions, and that’s the best we can say.

What chance do you stand of passing the test? That’s anyone’s guess, but these products are the best chance you have, so research them now, and make sure you have them to hand when you are advised of an upcoming drug test.