Yes, you can! They say that your hair is your crowning glory. Who doesn’t want their hair looking gorgeous while keeping up with an active lifestyle? Wearing hair extensions should not stop you from working out. Considering that it is more sensitive than your natural hair, proper hair care is highly recommended to retain the natural look of your locks even after weeks of working out.

A major concern for hair extension wearers is getting their hair greasy and gross after a sweaty workout. All that sweat and oil from strenuous activities are culprits for a bad hair day. We wouldn’t want you to reach that far! How can you rock hair extensions while working out? In this article, we will be providing you tips, tricks and suggested hairstyles that will keep up with your workout routines and look.

Tips and Tricks in Preparation for Workouts

Keeping hair extensions securely bonded with natural hair is a big concern for many women who wear extensions during workout. Exercising while wearing extensions has its limitations but that does not necessarily mean that you have to bail on your workout routine. Here are some tips and tricks that will keep your locks intact even when you are working out.

Gentle Combing or Brushing Routine

Even when you are not wearing hair extensions, one of the tricks to keep your hair silky is regular combing or brushing. It keeps your hair away from dirt which leaves you with hair smooth and shiny. Moreover, combing prior to bathing is best to remove the knots which makes it easier to wash and to dry. Take note, purchase brushes or combs which are safe for hair extensions wearers. 

Shampoo and Rinse

If you do not wash your hair properly, your scalp tends to get itchy and oily. Keep your locks bonded to your hair by gently massaging your scalp down to the tips of your hair to completely remove the dirt and sweat. It would be healthy for your hair extensions if you will use hair products which do not contain sulfate or alcohol for it to last longer. After washing your hair with shampoo, thoroughly rinse your hair from the scalp down. Rinse your hair until all spots are washed.

Keep it Dry

Before applying any leave-in conditioner, keep your hair completely dried up. Applying hair treatment creams when your hair is still wet or damp would attract dirt. Gently dab your towel to your hair and brush it until it dries up to ensure the removal of tangles. If you prefer drying your hair with a blowdryer, allow your hair to air dry for a little while before doing so especially to those people who have pre-bonded extensions and micro ring extensions.

Workout Hair Style

Since working out will be sweaty and your scalp tends to be oily, it would be best to tie your hair up to prevent hair extensions from tangling. You can style it in a simple bun, braid, pigtail or any look as long as it keeps your hair together. Work on your hairstyle the way you want it to be!

Pre-workout, During Workout, and Post-workout Agendas

Having hair extensions should not affect your workout routines and is definitely not a valid excuse to stop working out. Hair extensions can keep up with your active lifestyle and here’s how:


Prior to working out, thoroughly comb or brush your hair until it is free from tangles. Right after, apply a minimal amount of hair cream or conditioner to keep it smooth enough for you to tie your hair depending on your preference. For workouts, it would be best to keep it in a low tie or braid to keep the locks together during workout movements. Tight-tugged ponytails are not ideal when you do not want the bond of the locks compromised.

During Workout

As you work on your routines, your scalp and hair tend to get sweaty. It would be highly recommended to untie your hair in between routines, gently dab a towel to dry your hair, brush then tie it again. This will help avoid tangles or knots on both your natural hair and your extensions.


After a long day spent on completing your working out, remove the tie of your hair and dry it with a towel before going into the shower. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner which is safe for the bond of your hair extensions. Not all kinds are applicable. It would be best to condition your hair for two to three minutes to achieve smooth and silky hair. After you wash and rinse your hair, dry it well. A well-dried hair is not as susceptible to dirt as damp hair. You would not want to have a bad hair day, would you?

Rock your Locks with these Workout Hairstyles for Hair Extension Wearers

Low Ponytail

Woman working out in a gym

Do not stress your locks with tight hairstyles. If you are in a rush, just do a low ponytail that is enough for your hair extensions to be together during workouts. This way, it will be easier for you to remove it in between routines to brush it. Either it is low ponytail or low bun, both are enough to keep your hair away from your face. Stay neat and simple with a low tie!


Braiding your hair for workouts is one of the ideal hairstyles. Apart from the fact that it keeps your hair off your face, it does not pressure your bonds during workout routines. Look fancy and athletic with french braids and be amazed by its ocean curves afterward.


Complete your OOTD for working out with adorable pigtails. Ear-level pigtails are suggested, enough to keep the hair off your skin as much as possible to prevent sweat absorption. With your hair up in pigtails will not just keep up with your routines, it adds up to your workout look too.


A not-so-tight bun is another workout hairstyle for hair extension wearers. It keeps your hair off your skin, it keeps up with your movements, and it is easy to do. A ballerina bun would do just make sure that you do not work on messy buns because it will tangle your hair and will cause split ends too. Workout with your buddies with a nice and neat bun and end your day with waves on your hair!


You do not have to worry about loosened locks due to strenuous workout routines. There are tricks on how you can retain the bond of your hair extensions even when you are keeping an active lifestyle. For hair extension wearers, take good care of your crowning glory and maintain your hair routine. Take note, wearing hair extensions is not an excuse to skip working out! Your gorgeous hair will keep up with your movements.