The Edmonton Police Service is both a challenging and rewarding career. WIth approximately 2500 members and over 1700 police officers; EPS provides around-the-clock safety and security to Edmontonians.  A big component of the job is fitness. Both mental and physical capabilities play a role in determining how the next generation of Police Officers will be chosen and in particular, make women in policing a priority.

CST. Michelle CHOI

What activities keep you fit? What does fitness mean to you? 

I like to do anything and everything! Weightlifting, HITT, mountain biking, road cycling, running, slow pitch, fitness classes, snowboarding, etc. Fitness is very important to me as it is both a mental and physical release. It helps me focus, energized and be overall healthy.

Any new fitness trends you take part in? (Maybe its new to you: Yoga, Barre class, etc) 

Yup! Just started Brazilian Ju Jitsu. 

How do you work fitness in your routine? Tips for a busy lifestyle? 

I typically like to workout before starting my day. I will wake up at an ungodly hour to workout. If I can’t workout I try and just be very active and get my “exercise” elsewhere (for example cutting the grass, taking the dog for a walk, etc.)

About EPS

One of the goals of the EPS is to reflect the diversity of the communities served in Edmonton including more women in policing. This enables us to continually improve our capability to deliver service that is effective and responsive to the needs of the community.

The EPS is looking for applicants of all backgrounds and life experiences; inclusive of education, background, religion and culture. Everyone who has a strong interest in becoming a police constable, and who feels they meet the qualifications described is encouraged to apply.