CBD isn’t likely your first thought for the best thing to do after a workout. It turns out though, that CBD fitness recovery trends exist for a reason.

The cannabinoid offers a plethora of benefits that can improve workout performance and recovery, making it perfect for a post workout routine. Research shows CBD can improve workout performance, help with recovery time, and replace harmful painkillers. It’s approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency for professional athletes to use in and out of competitions because it’s safe and effective.

CBD Improves Performance 

Have you tried CBD? Fitness may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about the cannabinoid, but maybe it should be.

If you have chronic pain that impairs your workouts, CBD might be the solution for you. Chronic pain is debilitating, and there’s generally no cure. Managing this type of pain usually means mitigating between good and bad days. While there are plenty of pain medications out there, they have terrible side effects and can leave users too lethargic to workout.

CBD improves workout performance in people who have chronic pain. Those who took CBD worked out harder for a longer period than those who don’t use the cannabinoid to help with their pain in a study.

The cannabinoid is great for before or after workouts. You can try taking CBD before to improve performance, and a CBN isolate for recovery. The best thing to do after a workout is to take care of your body so you’ll be okay with more exercise. Cannabinoids can offer that solution

CBD for Post Workout

Your post workout routine is crucial to making gains in your workouts. There are a few things to do after a workout. You need to rehydrate your body and muscles, so they have what they need to heal. Eating certain types of food also helps with muscle recovery.

The great thing about CBD is you can add it to your post workout drink or snack. So you can take it however it’s easiest for you. If CBD pills sound easier than an oil, those are also available. What matters is how the cannabinoid can benefit your system.

CBD activates CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors can help your muscle fibers heal. As you workout, your muscle fibers often tear. Their recovery is essential for muscle gain. So after a workout, taking CBD can help repair muscles for the next one.

Cannabidiol also helps to improve sleep. Since a lot of our body’s healing occurs during our sleep cycles, ensuring you get quality sleep is the best thing to do after a workout. If you struggle with feeling too energized after a workout to get good sleep, you might find CBD helpful.

After Workout Recovery

CBD fitness isn’t just about improving your performance, though. It’s also about improving your quality of life. Sports injuries and the likes can leave athletes dependent on pain medications and anti-inflammatories. If you’ve had one too may post workout cortisol shots, you’ve likely wished for a better option.

There’s a plethora of research into CBD and other cannabinoids for their anti-inflammatory properties. You can use a CBD salve topically or take the compound orally. You can even inhale it. All forms of application provide anti-inflammatory benefits. So, you don’t have to be dependent on NSAIDs known for damaging intestines. The best thing to do after a workout for your swelling is something that doesn’t cause new problems.

After a workout, recovery is no joke, particularly if you’ve irritated an old injury. Luckily, CBD can help with pain management. It’s best for chronic pain, though it works on acute pain as well. Since most pain killers are opioid-based and addictive, CBD can be a lifesaver for some. People are often able to completely get off their prescribed pain pills when they switch to a CBD supplement.

Approved by WADA-AMA

The World Anti-Doping Agency approved CBD for use by athletes in 2018. THC, however, is still on the list of banned substances for professional athletes. The rest of the cannabinoids are in a grey area. Meaning the agency didn’t specify which cannabinoids they consider problematic.

As a professional athlete, you may be best using a CBD isolate to avoid drug testing issues. What’s remarkable about this decision is that the agency recognized a lack of CBD adverse side effects, which is why they approved it. The potential for athletes to use CBD instead of pain medications makes the cannabinoid particularly attractive to athletic agencies in general. While they’re unlikely to be promoting CBD fitness anytime soon, they are no longer against it because of all CBD’s things.

Best Thing to For Your Workout

The best thing to do after a workout isn’t any one thing. You need to replenish your hydration levels, and if you’re bulking up on muscle, make sure to eat carbs and proteins. To avoid feeling too sore, make sure you stretch and take care of your muscles.

Your needs before and during a workout are similar. Make sure you’ve eaten enough food to energize your workout. Maintain hydration before, during, and after. Don’t forget to stretch, and if you feel yourself cramping up mid-workout, allow yourself a moment to stretch that cramp out.

Those with chronic pain can improve their performance by using CBD. The cannabinoid can also help your muscle fibers heal, and improve your sleep quality, an essential aspect to workout recovery. If you’re taking pain medications or anti-inflammatories, cannabidiol can replace those medications with similar results. Overall, CBD provides a complete solution to your workout needs.