As we are familiar with JUSTCBD, which is a newly introduced brand to the CBD vape pen market, so far, it’s producing products that are worth purchasing. The brand is transparent with its users, and all they focus on is manufacturing products that are high in quality. 

We all know about their gummies, tincture oils, bath products, skincare, and sublingual CBD oil options but little do we know about their vaping kits, specifically vape pen cartridges. 

Coming towards their manufacturing, the packaging of these vape pen cartridges is beyond perfect. There is nothing out of the box with their packaging, but it’s the elegance and simplicity that sets it apart. The bottles are properly labelled, whereas the cartridges are kept in a small plastic vial. These vials have cork tops that are nicely wrapped up with tofu labels. The whole look of the product is quite appealing. 

Soon when I got my hands on the cartridges, I tried to breathe in to know how it smelled, and it divinely smelled having a scent of hemp in it. The reason why they are encapsulated in small vials is to protect the scent of hemp in them. Once I got my hands on it, I mixed these CBD-infused flavours in my vape, and after a couple of puffs, my body and mind were delighted to the extent where I felt like relaxing and found myself in peace. 

It took me almost 200mg of strength from these puffs, and I couldn’t agree that my mind and body felt quite easy and calm. Also, I couldn’t notice which of the cartridges I was using was in between Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Each of the cartridges felt different. The Pineapple Express cartridges, sour diesel, and northern lights were the ones I used. All of them are unique from each other. 

Another significant feature is the wood tips of these cartridges that add value to the product. Overall the experience of vape pen cartridges was quite simple and effective at the same time. The product has high potency, and the prices are quite reasonable. It’s best to keep checking their website and order from there. 

Since the quality is promised at JUSTCBD, you can now buy CBD vape pen cartridges from JUSTCBD easily, and it’s a hassle-free process. Another brand that I would trust after JUSTCBD is Olio Lusso. You can try their services and Buy high-strength CBD oil from CBD that can be beneficial to you in numerous ways. This oil can be helpful to you in many ways, so give this product a try. 

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