Imagine this: You have just completed one of the most rigorous workouts and are dripping in sweat and feeling thirsty. For many athletes, an isotonic drink will be the first option. However, it is crucial to note that most of them are loaded with sugars. The alternative you might not have thought of is tea.

Certain teas have been found to be excellent alternatives post-workout, especially due to their high rehydrating levels and metabolism effects. Drinking tea before a workout has been proven to facilitate better exercising and has been found to boost results. Equally, taking a cup of chai tea post workout can boost metabolism and rehydrate your body. All types of teas are derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant. What differentiates them is the form of processing applied.

Post Workout Power

Chai tea is a popular Indian beverage, a combination of ginger, black tea and spices such as fennel, black pepper, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorns, coriander seeds and star anise.

With the blend of earthly spices and antioxidant-rich black tea, this is a post-workout powerhouse that can minimize soreness and muscle pain. Collectively, it delivers anti-inflammatory and metabolism-reviving effects, fighting inflammation, enhancing cardiovascular functioning, boosting immunity and slowing aging. With chai being a blend of many elements, how do the components contribute to post-workout energy?

Black Tea

Black tea increases the rate at which the body calms down after a workout, bringing its cortisol levels to the normal levels. It is also highly effective in fat oxidation. This is the process at which fats are broken down into small molecules, which are then stored and used for energy. Given that it has high antioxidant levels, it is excellent at reducing muscle soreness, helping them to recover quickly.


Ginger present in chai is rich in antioxidants, including zingerones, gingerols and shogaols, among other ketone derivatives. This spicy and tasty root contains antioxidant, anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory properties, which come in handy after a workout. Its anti-inflammatory potential particularly, prevents and reduces muscle damage and soreness, which often arise after exercise.


Cinnamon is not just popular for its flavor but its ability to spike energy after a workout. It has unmatched impact on glucose control and is linked to high levels of methylhydroxychalcone polymer (MHCP), a bioactive compound that produces an insulin-like effect. Eating cinnamon after a workout triggers enzymatic reactions that that slows the entry of glucose into the blood and prolongs digestion. For the athletes looking to keep their weight in check, cinnamon is an excellent choice because it prevents frequent snacking in between meals. The other benefit of cinnamon in this tea is its capacity to promote insulin sensitivity, which in turn fights off diabetes.


The addition of this fragrant spice to tea adds an extra layer of the dining experience. Including the spice in your post-workout schedule can boost the stimulation of weight loss and enhance metabolism. Cardamom, also has compounds that are excellent at increasing airflow to the lungs, ultimately improving breathing. Taking this tea after your exercise can enhance your body’s ability to use oxygen after your workout.

Black Pepper

If you are a fitness buff looking to lose weight quickly, this black tea, which is rich in black pepper should be part of your post workout diet. Black pepper contains a substance known as peperine, known to reduce the fat levels present in the bloodstream. It is also rich in antioxidant properties. After your work out, you can also take this tea to combat inflammation. Every fitness enthusiast should benefit from black tea due to its ability to boost metabolism, which in turn impacts quickness and endurance.

Chai tea is a drink you want to take after your workout. Rich in caffeine, which is a stimulant compound, this black tea stops you from feeling fatigued and low on energy. Chai is packed with antioxidants that reduce muscle damage triggered by exercise and boost immunity. The same antioxidants burn body fat to replace the energy used during the workout instead of your stored glucose.

It means that taking this drink post workout can boost weight loss. Note; chai contains caffeine which is excellent at boosting energy levels. The release of the energy as opposed to coffee is long-lasting and more balanced. Available in any online tea and coffee shop, you can get this tea supply in the form of tea bags or loose leaf tea.