Do you need physical therapy? Physiotherapy does wonders for improving motion and strength, reducing pain, improving posture, and body mechanics. A good physio clinic provide the best experience for patients, as treatments are carried out by licensed and experienced physiotherapists. There are numerous Abbotsford clinics, such as the McCallum Physiotherapy clinic, treating chronic pain, injuries, frozen shoulder, concussion management, etc.

Follow these tips to choose the best one.

Consider their professionalism

The initial aspect of consideration when choosing a physio clinic in Abbotsford is their professionalism. Although this aspect cannot be entirely assessed from the first contact, you’ll at least get a general idea of what to expect in terms of billing practices, treatment, communication, and future scheduling. For most patients, the first experience with such organizations is over the phone.

The front office desk is in charge of engaging in conversation with potential patients to receive all the necessary information for the first visit to run smoothly. Once you arrive at the facility, you can evaluate the professionalism of the staff by analyzing the way they treat you. Physiotherapists and the rest of the personnel are expected to treat patients with respect and express genuine interest in their needs.

As far as expenses are concerned, most physical therapy clinics cannot inform you about your total costs upfront or how fast the treatment is going to be completed. The presence of so many factors makes it difficult for physiotherapists to predict the cost and length of treatments. Check out the main reasons for using physiotherapy.

Consider the convenience

Another factor to consider when looking for a physio clinic in Abbotsford is convenience regarding the location and working hours. If possible, attend treatments at a facility nearby your home or work in order not to waste time stuck in traffic. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t settle for a facility just because of its location if you receive a subpar experience.

In view of working hours, the needs of patients should be the primary focus when scheduling appointments. The majority of physio clinics offer appointments early in the morning and in the evening for clients to attend treatments prior to work or after it. Patients who aren’t provided with the flexibility to make appointments in during their working days would definitely benefit from making appointments in the morning or in the evening hours.

Look for one-on-one treatments

Another aspect to take into account when looking for a physio clinic in Abbotsford is receiving one-on-one treatment. You should inquire about the length of treatments, as no treatment should be shorter than thirty minutes for progress to be visible. The following link,, explains how long physical therapy should last.

Besides the length of the treatment, patients should learn whether they’ll be seeing the same therapist every session. Having one physiotherapist in charge of your treatments provides consistency and prevents patients from explaining themselves to a different practitioner every time.

Having one therapist means your progress will be tracked by a single person who is well familiar with your condition. Another thing to inquire about is whether the clinic employs physical therapy assistants or techs. The former is licensed and capable of performing routine tasks, developing treatment plans, documenting progress, etc. The latter isn’t licensed and performs tasks under the supervision of physiotherapists or assistants.

Physical therapy assistants and techs are of tremendous importance to organizations and patients. They walk patients through their routines and perform the tasks instructed by physiotherapists.

Tour the facility

Touring the facility is highly recommended to every patient prior to choosing a particular clinic. Nowadays, certain organizations offer virtual tours for potential clients to get an idea of how a facility looks like without visiting it.

Patients should keep in mind they would be visiting these facilities at least twice weekly over a period of four to six weeks. Consequently, they should feel comfortable with the personnel, space, and amenities.

Although virtual tours are sometimes sufficient for getting to know a clinic, taking a real tour is highly recommended to inspect cleanliness and staff personality. Click here to learn how physiotherapy helps