Are you planning on getting plastic surgery? You need a competent plastic surgeon to get the job done right. It is impossible to tell between a good plastic surgeon and a bad one just by looking at them. Here are a few qualifications your top plastic surgeon in Miami, FL, should meet to show they are a good fit for the job.


The first step towards finding the right plastic surgeon is to ensure they are board certified. Many assume that any doctor working in this field is automatically board certified, which may not be the case. A board-certified plastic surgeon meets the necessary qualifications to perform surgery on patients. It is important to ensure the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery because this will let you know the surgeon is trained to perform your cosmetic procedure.


When looking for a professional, you naturally want one with adequate experience in the area because they will be more likely to get the job done right. Some plastic surgeons in Miami, FL, specialize in specific cosmetic procedures, and you need to ensure your plastic surgery is among the top three most practiced procedures for your physician.


Getting a surgeon who specializes in performing the type of cosmetic procedure you are looking to get improves your chances of getting the desired results. The only downside to this is that a specialized plastic surgeon may be more expensive but ultimately worth it.

Success Rate

You should also pay attention to their success rate in the cosmetic procedure you are looking to get. If there are more than a few poor reviews or comments about the surgeon’s outcomes, you should try and get one with a better track record.

Your Plastic Surgeon Should Be a Good Communicator Too

Communication skills are an important soft skill in the medical industry. Your Miami, Florida, surgeon should be able to give and receive information with ease. They should be able to ask the right questions and give precise medical advice leaving no room for error. If your plastic surgeon does not talk to you in a way that you find effective, you should change to one that can communicate effectively.

Use an Accredited Facility

Where you get your cosmetic procedure done matters more than most people think, the environment affects the outcome of the procedure and the healing process. Ensure the facility is accredited, which means the facility follows strict safety standards and has the proper staff to take care of you.

Your Surgeon Should Not Give You False Information

A good choice should not oversell a cosmetic procedure. They should always manage your expectations by giving you the right information covering both the procedure’s good and the less desirable sides. If your surgeon gives you false information or seems to be selling you on extra procedures you didn’t ask for, that is a huge red flag that should tell you that they do not have your best interest at heart.

Plastic Surgeon Q&As

How can I tell that my Miami, Florida, surgeon is competent?

The biggest indicator that your surgeon is qualified for the job is the kind of interaction you have. Apart from this, your surgeon should also be board certified and have considerable training or work experience.

Can I ask my plastic surgeon if they are board certified?

Yes, this is a question each patient should ask as part of the vetting process. You can also ask how many procedures they have done and their success rate so far.

Do different plastic surgeons use different operating techniques?

Yes, each surgeon has a unique approach to each procedure. Some may have a minimalistic approach, while others may be more open to performing extensive surgery. Find a surgeon that matches your aesthetic sense. One way to tell your plastic surgeon’s aesthetic sense is by looking at before and after photos of cosmetic procedures they have performed. Looking at these pictures will help you show the surgeon the kind of results you would like.

Who else takes part in my cosmetic surgery apart from the plastic surgeon?

Many people are involved in performing cosmetic procedures, from nurses to plastic surgeons. The anesthetist’s qualifications should also be checked because they are key in keeping you comfortable during the procedure. Get to know everyone that will be with you during your cosmetic procedure.

Do plastic surgeons charge different rates?

Yes, each plastic surgeon may charge a different amount for your procedure, depending on the industry’s level of experience and training. Some plastic surgeons may also charge depending on where they will be performing the surgery and the current market rates. Most people are tempted to go for the cheaper option, but this is ill-advised. Don’t cheap out on your plastic surgeon because they are responsible for getting you the type of results you want.