It’s easy to write off trails during winter months due to the snowy paths, ice, and freezing temperatures that make your hair stand.

But as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather; only bad gear. If you layer up properly, nothing can stop you from crushing the winter outdoor workout. Winter running can be an exciting experience if you have the right gear. Ready to beat the freeze? Here are the cold-weather trail running essentials you’ll need.

1. Winter Trail Running Boots

Not all boots are ideal for winter trail running.

While road runners can expect sidewalks to be shoveled and running paths plowed, the same cannot be said for trail runners. Snow and ice can cover the trails, especially in the deep woods and mountain trails making it impossible to even walk.

As such, you’ll need boots that are specifically designed for winter trails. Such boots feature increased traction to provide grip on snowy terrain. Check out this article for a collection of our favorite winter trail running boots.

2. Running Tights

The clothing on your body is very important, especially when it comes to winter workouts, and tights are considered a must for winter trail running given their various advantages. They not only enhance flexibility when running, but most of the running tights, such as Asics Seamless Tights have a wide comfort range in temperature, thus can also help to beat the breeze.

3. Lightweight Running Jacket

In winter months, the norm is to wear a heavyweight, multi-layered jacket that can keep off the wind while keeping your body warm at all times.

However, for trail runners, a lightweight running jacket is the better choice. That’s because when you start running, your body heats up pretty fast, which could result in you feeling too warm and uncomfortable if you are bundled up.

A lightweight running jacket, such as the Brooks Canopy Jacket can provide you enough warmth for winter running, and it’s designed to pack down into a small pouch for storage.

4. Gloves

Gloves are a must have cold weather trail running essentials. You don’t want to head out only for your fingers to lose sensation within 10 minutes.

But not all gloves are ideal for winter running. Look for gloves that are light, tight-fitting, and with a grippy palm to help you grab onto the rocks should you slip. They should also have an e-tip on the index finger to allow you to operate your phone without having to remove the gloves.

5. Head Torch

Whether you’re running in winter or summer, a head torch is an important gear to have around. It’s safer to carry a head torch especially if your run is anywhere close to nightfall.

Carrying a head torch ensures you don’t struggle your way out of the forest in the dark, should you run out of schedule. The Silver Trail Runner 3X is a great choice for a head torch since it offers a mighty 250 lumens—enough to make even the darkest trails light up.

What other cold trail running essentials do you carry around? Share with us in the comments section below.