You see a person confidently striding along the street and you automatically think that they’re perfectly happy and healthy. What you may not realise, though, is that this person could be putting on a façade and that the reality is that they are disguising a very painful illness. Hidden illnesses are described as such because they are not visually evident to the world at large.

Conditions such as CRPS, Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia and lupus are all incredibly difficult to endure, and that suffering can be heightened by the lack of awareness from other people who fail to identify your illness. The term ‘hidden illnesses’ doesn’t just apply to those of a physical nature, either. Depression also falls under this category, and although great strides have been made in encouraging depressed people to express their feelings, many mental health problems continue to go uncovered and unresolved.

The infographic below from Burning Nights ( explains a few of the most common hidden illnesses, outlining how they are caused, how you can spot these and what you can do to try and overcome each one. Some of these do not have any scientifically proven cure, but all of them have a burden that can be eased with a few simple actions. What can you do to help with hidden illnesses?