There are bacteria all around us that we often don’t even think about. The thing is, most bacteria are actually good and help us stay healthy. There are strains, however, that can lead to infections and cause us a lot of problems. These infections can even be deadly if they are not treated. 

There are a few places where this bad bacteria can get a hold of us. If you’ve ever gotten a cut or wound that wasn’t cleaned properly or you didn’t use Aquacel AG then you could be familiar with an infection like that. But, one place you may not even really think about is a hot tub.

Unfortunately, a hot tub is a place that bacteria love. It is a veritable paradise for them and we get in the tub without much thought about it. What is lurking there in a hot tub? In this article, I will go over the things you have to be careful about before you get into that jacuzzi! 

Hot tub lung

There is a bacteria called Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) that can cause lung disease. These bacteria also happen to love the warm and wet environment in a hot tub. Now, when you breathe in the gentle steam of the hot tub and lean back to relax, you are possibly breathing this bacteria right into your lungs.

Once it gets into your lungs, the bacteria multiply and cause inflammation in a few areas of the lungs. If you start to experience flu-like symptoms within a few days of your soak, then you likely got infected. You’ll notice that you have a stubborn cough that is followed by fatigue and then a fever. 

If this is the case, then you’ll need to get to a doctor as soon as possible to get on an antibiotic regimen. If this is allowed to go untreated then it can lead to serious damage.

Urinary Tract Infection

Though it is very rare, a urinary tract infection can happen after taking in the relaxing heat of the hot tub. It is difficult for bacteria to get a foothold in the urinary tract from a hot tub, but it is possible. 

The type of bacteria that causes a UTI could be very high in the hot tub that will increase the chances of getting it. Since the jets can circulate the water and the bacteria around quite a bit then it could happen. Another factor in this is if there is a high level of bacteria and you have intercourse in the hot tub then this increases your chances.

Usually, a UTI is easily treated with antibiotics and goes away quickly. 

Hot tub rash

Probably the most likely problem to occur if you go in a hot tub that hasn’t been properly maintained and sanitized is that you get a rash from the bacteria. If you end up with an uncomfortable feeling around the edges of where your bathing suit was then keep a close eye on the area. Hot tub rash will appear there in the form of small red blotches that are itchy and uncomfortable. 

Even if the hot tub has a lot of bacteria you can prevent this byt getting out of your bathing suit right away and showering well with lots of soap. Then change into clean clothes and you should be fine.