For most addicts, getting into drug rehab is not an easy decision. A fear of the unknown is very normal for anybody. It is important to get all the information you can about the rehab program you are interested in so that you know what to expect. Rehab is the next step after realizing that one is facing a problem. But even after that, choosing to get into rehab is not easy because of the many myths associated with it. Here we debunk a few common myths related to drug rehab so that the decision to join a drug rehab program gets a little easier.

  1. You have to hit rock bottom before you get started on the road to recovery: This is perhaps the greatest myth of all, related to drug rehab. People assume that treatment cannot be sought or won’t be effective till you have hit ‘rock bottom’ or till they receive a terrible blow such as a divorce, arrest, overdose etc. But this is wrong, for who is to decide what is rock-bottom for an addict? Also, waiting to hot ‘rock-bottom’ is very risky, since it can lead to death or irreparable bodily harm. Most addicts believe they can manage their addiction and have not yet hit rock bottom. Addicts should seek help as early as they can.
  2. Treatment is Expensive: Some drug rehab programs and centres can be expensive, but that does not mean that there is no help for those who don’t have money. Many people who suffer from addiction hesitate in seeking help because they feel they can’t afford it, or they don’t have insurance. However, there are many insurance plans that cover the partial or the entire cost of treatment. You can also check the payment options that these facilities offer, since they may have an option of paying monthly or in instalments. There are also programs that allow you to return home at night, which cuts down the cost of treatment. You can also look at programs that are free, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.
  3. Drug rehab programs are like prison: This is another common myth and is completely false. Many perceive drug rehab centres to be like a jail where you are locked into your room and are prohibited from meeting your loved ones. Nothing could be further from the truth. All rehabs are different, but all try to ensure your comfort. Most of them give you the freedom to move around and interact with the other people present there. Some have swimming pools, massage centres, fitness centres etc. There is, of course, a schedule that needs to be adhered to, because that is a part of the rehabilitation process. There are a number of planned recreational activities that you are encouraged to take part in to help you get over your addiction.
  4. To quit drugs, all you need is will-power: This is easier said than done and is the thinking of most people who have never fought against any kind of addiction. Willpower alone is not enough to help you quit the substance you are addicted to. Prolonged use of any drug can alter your brain functioning and reduce your ability to judge right from wrong. Hence, external intervention is necessary. Willpower is important and one does need it to continue with a rehabilitation program. It is ok to ask for help and understand that you cannot get through this alone.

These are just some of the more common myths connected to drug rehab. The only way to accept that you need help is by reading and understanding that rehab programs are beneficial and are designed to help you. The Centres for Disease Control estimate that 114 people die every day due to drugs because they don’t get help. Don’t become a statistic by falling prey to myths related to drug rehab programs; get help as soon as you can.