Flossing and brushing are everyday simple techniques to maintain your teeth bright, white, and healthy. Nonetheless, if you think your smile has lost its luster or has become more yellow than it once was, you are not alone! The most popular response to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s question about what most persons would like to enhance about their grin was whiter teeth. Teeth whitening is a procedure that removes discoloration and stains from your teeth, restoring them to a dazzling white hue. At Arizona Dental Heights in Mesa, Arizona, Wendy Velazquez, RDH, and Dr. Alok Ahlawat, DMD, provide sophisticated teeth whitening technology. To find out more about expert Mesa teeth whitening, call the office or book an appointment online.

What Affects the Color of Your Teeth?

Several things might cause your teeth to become less white or yellow, including:

·         Oral hygiene issues

·         Chewing tobacco

·         Cigarette smoking

·         Consuming an excessive amount of tomato-based sauce, berries, and other darkly pigmented meals

·         Consumption of excessive amounts of red wine, coffee, and other darkly pigmented liquids

·         Medications, such as antipsychotics and antihistamines

·         Tetracycline antibiotic exposure before eight years

The natural aging process could also affect the color of your teeth. As you get older, some enamel erosion occurs, allowing the dentin, the somewhat darker layer beneath the enamel, to shine through more. Fortunately, teeth whitening can remove practically any form of discoloration or staining from your teeth, leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile.

What Is the Process of Teeth Whitening?

There are two forms of teeth whitening available at Arizona Dental Heights:

v  In-Office GLO

During the in-office GLO whitening procedure, your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel straight to the front side of your teeth.

After that, they place a unique mouthpiece above your mouth to emit low-level warmth, and neon blue LED light. The heat and light activate the whitening gel, allowing it to remove stains rapidly and effectively. It takes less than 60 minutes to complete the procedure.

v  At-Home GLO

For an at-home GLO procedure, you should brush the gel onto your teeth. Then, put the rechargeable mouthpiece onto your teeth for eight minutes.

Heat and light work together to eliminate dental stains, just as in the in-office procedure. The gel in the take-home GLO kit is not as potent as the one used in the in-office procedure; you might realize more impressive results in the office.

GLO whitening gels do not induce pain or sensitivity. Thus, they are suitable for almost any adult who wishes to whiten their teeth.

What Results Should You Expect from Teeth Whitening?

With GLO in-office whitening, you could anticipate significant whitening up to eight shades lighter in only a single session. On the other hand, you could achieve up to five lightening tones with GLO at-home whitening in just 5-7 days of continuous application.

How to Maintain White Teeth Following Teeth Whitening?

Your dental specialist at Arizona Dental Heights will give you tailored guidelines on how to maintain your teeth white following GLO treatment. These suggestions might include:

·         Avoiding dark beverages (or drinking them through a straw)

·         Stopping smoking

·         Arranging expert teeth cleanings every six months 

You may also purchase GLO to Go; simple whitening pens that are great for touch-ups if your teeth begin appearing discolored.

Do not allow stained or discolored teeth to take a toll on your self-esteem! Learn how you could whiten your teeth through professional teeth whitening at Arizona Dental Heights. Book an appointment through mobile or request online to get started.