You are excited you can finally get to own the kind of breasts you dream of attaining. East Windsor breast implants will help you in the journey of discovering the beauty in choosing your new breast size.

What Is Your Build?

Your height and physical build is an essential consideration in identifying the breast implants to choose. Your shoulder width, the shape of the rib cage, hip size, and waist to hip ratio are essential aspects of your physical build. Whether to get a great round shaped breast implant is a decision after identifying your build and what will work best with your body type.

Silicone or Saline Implants?

Silicone implants have silicone gel as a filling for your breast implants. On the other hand, saline implants have sterile salt water, also known as saline, to form the implant. It is the best fit for you to weigh the pros and cons of each with your doctor before deciding on the best one for you. Saline breast implants have easier to spot ruptures compared to silicone gel breast implants.

You’re Implant Goals

It is essential to confide in your doctor your expectations regarding your breast implant surgery. For instance, do you aim to restore your former breast size and volume lost due to pregnancy or weight loss? Additionally, you might also aim to have a fuller breast to balance your overall body symmetry.

Your objectives in getting the breast implants will help your doctor in identifying the best size of implant for you. If you aim for a dramatic breast size increase, remember a bigger implant is not always the best decision.

Your Present Breast Size

Your current breast size and shape are significant aspects in determining the kind of implants you desire. Additionally, are your breasts round in shape or have loose skin around them and sagging? Your current physical and health state also significantly influences the outcome of your surgical procedure.

Future Lifestyle Plans

Are you actively involved in vigorous sporting activities? It is vital to inform your doctor beforehand who will advise all the best implant sizes before the procedure. Additionally, remember to avoid getting in strenuous physical activities before complete recovery as it is detrimental to your health.

Furthermore, dramatic breast implants with bigger sizes can hinder you from engaging in your physical activities with ease. It would also help if you considered whether you intend to have children after the procedure.

After the procedure, it is advisable to use a surgical bra or even a sports bra to promote your recovery. Additionally, you reduce the possible occurrence of rapture or distortion to your tissues. Furthermore, you will also experience less discomfort in your recovery journey. 

It is also highly advisable to avoid lifestyle habits that can affect your recovery processes like high-intensity activities before complete recovery, consumption of alcohol, and even smoking. Always consult your doctor before engaging in any activity that will affect your recovery. With the proper breast implant size, you have the guarantee of having long-lasting results.