Love it or hate it, CrossFit has found its place in the fitness world. Not sure what you think about it? Before you decide, we dare you to try this workout.

Kettlebell Swing
The Kettlebell swing is one of the basic moves for crossfit. Start with the kettlebell between your legs, and swing it out away from you. Then bring it back between your legs, and repeat.

The Elevator
The elevator is a lunge-movement, except you will be holding dumbbells in each hand. This movement will target your hamstrings and glutes, and is guaranteed to torch a bunch of calories.

Power Deck Squat
The power deck squat begins in a goblet squat. Grab a dumbbell and center it in the middle of your torso before squatting. At the bottom of the squat, explode upwards and jump off of the ground.

Handstand Pushup
Use a chair or bench to support your feet, then slowly get your self into position so that your upper torso is performing a handstand. Do a set of pushups like this, and your shoulders and arms will soon feel the burn.

Opposite Grip Pull Ups
Grab onto a bar or branch, as if you were about to do a pullup. Before going into the traditional exercise, through, flip your grip so one palm is facing away while the other is facing towards you. After one set, reverse the hand positions.

Six-Incher Abs
Lay flat on your back, and slowly lift your legs so they are about six inches from the ground. Slowly perform flutter kicks for 30 seconds, and then hold your legs still for 30 seconds. Your abs will thank you.

Elevated Dips
Support your feet and arms on separate elevated surfaces. Lower your upper body so your triceps are contracted, then raise. This exercise will torch your triceps and upper chest.