CoolSculpting and Cryolipolysis offer exact similar treatment under FDA conditions. However, it’s vital to understand and know the differences and how each process works. Here’s what you need to know about these popular non-invasive fat-freezing treatments and the benefits alongside.

What’s the Difference Between CoolSculpting and Cryolipolysis? 

People who have been dealing with stubborn fat and tried out challenging diets and frequent exercise, understand the struggle of eliminating bulges and bumps on various body parts. Fat-freezing techniques continue to gain popularity in the beauty industry due to their efficacy and safety.

When asked what’s the difference between the two: cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting, the answer is simple. Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing unwanted and stubborn fat. CoolSculpting is what it’s known for— brand name. “Cryo” stands for icy cold, while “lipolysis” is the process of breaking down or removing fat by freezing it away. 

It’s a non-surgical procedure of applying controlled and accurate cold temperature to a specific area of your body where you want to omit fat cells. The process kills fat cells permanently and flushes them off your body on a natural method. 

Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing fat to eliminate it permanently on your system. 

Before jumping into this procedure, it’s vital that you understand how it works: from eligibility, risks, side effects, and expectations associated with the treatment. CoolSculpting can be performed in nine areas of your body. The best part is, fat freezing for your buttocks works effectively like when dealing with love handles, double chin, your upper arms, bra fat, and back fats. Nonetheless, this body sculpting treatment has been FDA approved since 2010. 

Technically, there’s no difference between the two aside from the name. 

For you to understand it effectively is like buying a prescription pill. The attending pharmacist will ask you which one do you prefer to buy, an expensive pill or a generic pill. Generic medicine provides a comparable formulation like the branded medicine, which both provide similar efficacy. 

CoolSculpting and cryolipolysis provide a non-invasive, medical-grade alternative treatment to liposuction that doesn’t need needles, no downtime, or surgery. 

Since both treatments use the same technology, you need to determine a few vital factors like;

  • The licensed physicians training and experience with the procedure
  • Check the advancement of technology used alongside the treatment. Look for the gold standard, medical-grade technology.
  • It’s pivotal to check the personalized service that the center offers from pre- to post-treatment. 
  • Check for a clinic that focuses on results and is technology agnostic.
  • Check specialized clinics that are guaranteed by a well-versed medical team.
  • The clinic’s aesthetic and presentation enables you to overview the quality of service they offer.

Cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting: How Does It Work?

When it comes to cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved fat-freezing body sculpting technology. It’s proven safe and effective as fat cells in our body are easily affected by cool temperatures compared to other body cells. 

With CoolSculpting, fat tissues are frozen and destroyed in desired areas of the body. The results of fat-freezing technology are permanent. When your fat cells are exposed to controlled high temperature for a specific time, it then crystallizes these fat cells and starts to die. CoolSculpting won’t affect the other cells in your body. 

While the devices used with CoolSculpting seem easy, the process is complex. It’s a high-end tool that provides precise and controlled cooling and consistent temperature at a certain time to effectively destroy fat cells less the risk of damaging your nerves, skin, tissues, or blood vessels. 

Your skin temperature is simultaneously monitored by machines during the procedure. The applicator then responds based on the data and feedback to prevent risky temperature during the whole treatment. 

The process requires a well-trained and experienced physician to perform the treatment. They are trained to use and navigate the right equipment in the right situation to ensure your safety and efficacy of cryolipolysis technology. Though the process is highly effective and low-risk when performed properly.

It takes 3 to 12 weeks to see the full result of the treatment. Your body will require some time to flush off dead fat cells through a natural procedure. Once the treatment is done, you’ll notice a 20-30% improvement in the treated area. 

CoolSculpting provides permanent results as dead fat cells won’t regenerate and return. Several patients are good for a single treatment, while others may require two or more to achieve their target results. CoolSculpting results vary per individual health condition and target results. 


Since CoolSculpting was introduced and approved by the FDA, the cryolipolysis technology has provided a safe and effective procedure for every eligible candidate. However, with the increasing demand comes various limitations of this technology. 

To help you identify which is patented safe, proven, and approved technology, you have to check whether you’re dealing with a licensed practitioner/center or not. While low prices for the service can be tempting, it’s essential to learn how to differentiate a real one from an imitation.