Most people have heard about CrossFit. And moreso than other fitness regimes, CrossFit gets a lot of attention for the many positives and some negatives that may accompany it. In this article, we will debunk 3 major negatives that you may have heard of. And you’ll see that they’re not negatives at all!


Myth: I’m not fit enough to do CrossFit

Fact: CrossFit can be universally scaled to meet the needs of anyone.

People think that you must have some baseline of ability to do CrossFit. This is totally untrue. The great thing about CrossFit is that any movement can be substituted for another one! And we can still maintain the same goal!

The coaches at CrossFit Armoury are highly trained and know all the appropriate scaling for any movement. For example, you show up to class and the workout of the day has pullups and you’ve never done a pullup before in your life! No problem at all! Our coach will set you up with an option that works for you, for example ring rows!

This can be applied to your level of ability for different movements, any injuries you may have, and if you’re just plain sore from the class you attended yesterday!

Myth: CrossFit makes you bulky.

Fact: It is so so difficult to get bulky!

So this myth is more for the ladies. Because depending on how you define “bulky”, CrossFit can make men quite muscular.

But for the ladies, it is really hard to get bulky. It requires a lot of dedication, supplementation, nutritional changes, and hard work to get that bulky. If you see the female bodybuilders on the internet, they are not regular women eating balanced meals and doing CrossFit 3 or 4 times a week. They have very restrictive diets, they do lots of bodybuilding exercises (which yes, may be CrossFit sometimes), and usually are genetically predisposed to be bulkier to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, CrossFit builds muscle, but from all women I’ve talked to, they love the way it makes them look and feel. And really, everyone’s bodies look different not exercising, so everyone’s bodies will look different when they are exercising.


Myth: CrossFit is only for people who are really really hardcore.

Fact: CrossFit is for everyone and is only as difficult as you choose to make it.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a certain movement or weight, no problem, scale that movement or decrease the weight. You just can’t give it 110% today because you were up all night studying, up with baby, etc. no problem, you give it the best you can, and all that matters is you got a nice little sweat in and you’re further along that if you didn’t come at all.

If you’re still weary about it, CrossFit Armoury offers a really great beginner program which takes participants through all the movements and how they can be scaled.


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