Skin pathogens can get really annoying at times by disrupting your normal life activities. Caused by bacteria, virus and fungi, life needs to be brought back on track especially if you are someone who often participates in physical activities. It becomes increasingly important for you to take care of your skin inside out.

A balanced diet with the right mix of all the essential nutrients required to build a good immunity tops the to-do list in order to keep these annoyers away from your bare skin. I say bare skin, as being an athlete or sports person, you wear clothes that do not cover it from top to bottom. In some sports, physical contact is unavoidable. In such circumstances, if another person is carrying infection, he may transfer it to you. A good immunity can save you days of pain and anguish combined with some really good habits.

Good habits comprise of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Washing hands more often and bathing soon after training or the match helps washing away the pathogens before they can make inroads into the skin and house there resulting in infection or disease. A natural tea tree oil soap can be bad for them as it cleanses the skin of pathogens besides acting as an antiseptic on the cuts, bruises received during the activity. Though it may sting a bit, it is good for the skin. Cleanliness of the surrounding areas is a mandatory recommendation to all who wish to stay healthy and free of skin pathogens.

Evie Dawson –