Gaining more muscle mass isn’t all about looking ‘jacked up’ when you wear sleeveless tops. Keep in mind that the body may burn more fat when it has more muscle. Moreover, think of your muscles as engines that help provide energy to your body. Without adequate energy pools, you’d feel sluggish throughout the day.

Here are different ways to help you gain more muscle mass to help you become a better, healthier, and fitter you:

Take Ostarine

Perhaps, you may already have heard about Ostarine, particularly if you’ve been around the bodybuilding industry for a while. This substance is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that helps fitness enthusiasts increase their power and strength.

Note that you can find different Ostarine for sale on the market as different manufacturers develop this compound. Thus, it’s best for you to find trustworthy suppliers or you risk contracting adverse effects. Although Ostarine is a relatively safe SARM for consumption, you can never be too careful in taking this fitness supplement. 

So, how does Ostarine work?

This substance works by mimicking testosterone, which is a primary anabolic hormone dominant in males. Ostarine helps the body stimulate its androgen and steroid hormone receptors. In turn, it activates stem cells, helping the body build and regenerate bone and muscle tissue. 

Hence, consuming Ostarine, especially as you follow the correct dosage, produces a relatively safe and effective way to build and recover muscle. Taking this fitness supplement helps lessen the worry of painful delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) conditions. Moreover, you should see muscle mass and strength to improve faster than usual.

Change Gyms

It might not be immediately apparent, but your current gym might be hindering you from increasing your muscle mass and strength. 

Note that the body and mind tend to like living in a comfortable state. On the other hand, exercising puts these elements into a mild state of stress. Hence, it’s essential to keep pushing yourself in each workout regimen to gain positive results for your muscles and overall well-being.

But, if you get used to your gym’s current environment, the body and mind may fall back to that sense of comfort. In turn, you’re going to hit a fitness plateau, creating a wall that hinders you from making significant fitness progress. 

Therefore, consider changing gyms if you think the current fitness center is limiting your muscle-building progress. The workout environment may help you try out new machines, which might require you to put in the extra effort for different muscle-building exercises. 

Changing gyms may also allow you to make new acquaintances and friends. Meeting new fitness enthusiasts may help you grow your network in the industry. In turn, you can gain different knowledge and opinions about various fitness aspects, allowing you to grow in both body and mind. 

Consume More Protein

Protein is one of the three main macronutrients you need to gain more muscle mass, the other two being carbohydrates and fat.  

Eat more protein as this macronutrient is the body’s building blocks. Eating adequate amounts of this nutrient helps promote muscle growth while assisting in muscle mass maintenance. 

Consider aiming for a daily intake of about 1.6 to 2.2 grams of protein per day per kilogram of weight. For example, if you weigh 86 kilograms, you should consider consuming about 137.6 to 189.2 grams of protein per day. 

Remember, you also need to consume protein from healthy sources to promote the nutrient’s maximum benefits in the body. Some food options to consider are eggs, milk, cheese, and lean meat.

You can also consume protein shakes to help you reach the recommended daily intake for the macronutrient. But, be wary as it might be tempting to consume more protein from beverages than needed. This is because protein shakes are relatively easy to prepare and consume. It should take roughly a few minutes to mix and a few minutes more to drink. So, watch your protein shake consumption, and you should enjoy muscle strength and mass-building benefits without serious adverse effects.

Work Out With Compound Exercises

Isolation exercises, such as bicep curls and crunches, have their value. But, these workouts shouldn’t be the backbone of your training regimen, especially if you want to develop muscle mass. 

Instead, opt for doing compound exercises, like deadlifts, pullups, and squats. These workouts help you challenge yourself by letting you work multiple muscle groups, allowing you to lift more weight. 

Remember, one of the vital factors for enhancing muscle mass and strength is lifting heavier weights. If you can do 30 weighted lunges without breaking a sweat, then, the weights aren’t heavy enough. In turn, you won’t get the results you want from your weight-training regimen. 

Also, try to reduce or remove your ego while lifting heavy weights. Note that you might not need to eke out ten to 15 reps for each exercise. Don’t be afraid to do five reps, as long as the weights allow you to push for that mark. 

But, suddenly introducing your body to heavier weights might put unwanted and painful strain to your body. Hence, consider leading every workout with about four sets of three to five reps with heavier-than-average weights. Do three sets of about ten to 12 reps afterward. 

Doing this technique allows the body to adjust correctly, reducing the risks of additional pain during and after exercise. Note that pain is relatively normal while training. However, stop exercising if you feel more discomfort than usual.

Sleep More

Gaining more muscle mass and strength can be nothing without proper sleep. Contrary to what many people might think, muscles don’t grow at the gym. Instead, these organs grow as you rest. 

Note that microscopic tears happen in your muscles when you exercise, and rest repairs that damage. In turn, the body adapts to the changes, resulting in stronger (and, perhaps, larger) muscles.


Consuming different supplements, changing gyms, and getting more sleep can help you gain muscle mass and strength. You can lift heavier, have more energy, and gain a fitter physique than before as you progress through your fitness journey. It’s crucial to tackle the guidelines mentioned in this article with the help of a fitness or medical professional to reduce the risks of potential adverse effects.