Haven’t you heard the news? Your tap water might not be as safe as you think.

It’s no secret that our tap water isn’t safe.

We’re not saying our municipalities aren’t doing a good job. They are. 

The problem comes about when transporting drinking water from the cleaning plants to our homes for consumption.

Running water collects a lot of contaminants like dirt, heavy metals, bacteria, and diseases. The risks are even higher with increased industrialization in most towns and cities. We expose ourselves to unspeakable horrors when we consume tap water without applying any purification processes. 

“We drink 90% of our illnesses” a quote by the famous chemist and bacteriologist, Louis Pasteur.

Prove us wrong, but the only way out is distilled water. 

Distilled water is the purest water you can find on planet earth.

So, can you drink distilled water? Yes, of course.

What is distilled water?

Simply put, distilled water is normal tap water that has been heated until all the water has evaporated leaving behind all harmful contaminants and impurities. The pure steam is them condensed and reverted to liquid.

Distillation is not a new concept. It’s pretty old and was even used by soldiers in WW1 to purify seawater for drinking.

The process of distillation is so effective that even minerals and salts are removed. In the end, you’re only left with pure water.

For this reason, there some who claim that distilled water is unhealthy because helpful minerals like Calcium and Magnesium have been removed. 

They have a point, but that’s not the whole truth. 

Read on to know everything and decide for yourself if distilled water is safe for drinking.

Why you should drink distilled water

We fully support the idea of replacing your regular tap water with distilled water.

For more information on this matter, visit this website.

1. Distilled water is free from viruses and bacteria

I hope we don’t have to tell you that your tap water is swimming with all sorts of bacteria and viruses collected from piping systems. 

Distillation makes sure none of their eggs or larvae gets inside your body to continue with their life-cycles. All those eggs are left behind when water is evaporated to steam.

In addition to that, there is no way any virus or bacteria can survive at temperatures at or above 100℃. 

2. Distilled water is free from harmful mineral compounds and solid impurities

You’ve probably heard of the harmful effects that heavy metals like lead have on children. Apart from heavy metals, other nitrate compounds can lead to childbirth deformation when consumed. We’re talking about serious defects like missing limbs and weakened immune systems. 

There’s also Barium that is related to heart issues.

3. Distillation is a natural water purification system

Ever heard of the water cycle? Water naturally evaporates from the surface and into the atmosphere as moisture where it condenses and falls back as rain. Distillation is part of nature.

There are no fancy chemicals involved as is the case with other chemical-based water purification processes. 

Most municipalities use chlorine or fluorine to treat water and kill bacteria and viruses. Yes, it works. However, have you ever swam in a chlorine-treated swimming pool and felt its effect on your skin?

In addition to that, there is always a risk that chlorine might react with other compounds and create carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds. 

4. Distilled water is a natural detox agent

Ever heard of detox smoothies that help your body to get rid of harmful or excess minerals from your body? 

Distilled water is the best natural detox agent you can get your hands on.

As mentioned earlier, distilled water is water free from all minerals and salts. This allows it to absorb dangerous minerals and toxins from your body and dispose of them as urine or sweat.  

There tonnes of benefits of distilled water. Surely, all these doctors can’t be wrong

Disadvantages of distilled water

It would be unfair if we didn’t speak of the cons of drinking distilled water.

1. Dull taste

Distilled water has a plain taste since all the minerals and salts have been removed. Some claim it’s no fun drinking distilled water. 

It’s not a big deal if you consider all the health benefits that come with drinking distilled water. Moreover, you can always flavor distilled water to taste as you will

2. You miss out on helpful minerals

Sure, natural tap water is full of helpful minerals like calcium and magnesium that are useful to your body. 

All these minerals are removed when water is distilled. However, please remember that drinking water only provides 15% of these minerals. The rest is obtained from the foods you eat. 

You’re not missing out on anything.

Yes, distilled water is perfect for drinking!