In recent times, the products containing CBD have become extremely popular. Scientists have discovered that it has properties that could help many people. It doesn’t mean that when it comes to the CBD products, there aren’t many misconceptions about what it could and what it couldn’t do. In a second, you’ll learn whether CBD gels and creams are great for pain relief. Let’s go!

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound that can be found in Cannabis sativa. You are probably more familiar with another compound that can also be found there – THC. Actually, there are hundreds of different compounds in Cannabis sativa, though so far, the researchers have mostly studied those two. 

Okay, so how do they differ?

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound that has psychoactive properties. It is not always the case that substances with psychoactive properties provide what is traditionally meant by “high”. Another example of a substance with psychoactive properties is caffeine. In the case of THC, though, you will get high.

When it comes to CBD, it has a range of great effects on both mind and body, but if the product – be it CBD oil, or edibles, contains CBD only, without any THC, then it won’t get you high. Products that are applied topically, like Nature & Bloom CBD muscle gel, wouldn’t get you high even if they contained THC. That’s because it wouldn’t be able to penetrate the skin enough to reach the bloodstream.

On the other hand, CBD is used by many people to help them manage their pain. Sure, it’s excellent at providing pain relief, but that’s not all. It’s been proven that it has anti-addictive properties. Many people try their luck self-medicating with various substances, such as alcohol, weed, or opiates. Although it helps them fight the pain, it often leads to addiction. CBD would be a great replacement for those harmful substances, as it’s potential side effects aren’t very dangerous. It could also help addicts stay away from nicotine, opiates and other destructive substances.

And what about gels and creams?

Okay, so are all products that contain CBD great for pain relief? The truth is: it’s hard to say. You have likely heard about CBD creams that are applied topically. Unfortunately, the research so far is inconclusive. It seems that CBD isn’t able to penetrate the skin enough to cause any effects. Many studies have shown that when it comes to pain management, CBD does have excellent effects, but most likely not when applied topically. It doesn’t mean that they such gels and creams don’t work; it’s just that the CBD isn’t the compound that’s doing the work, though it’s too early to make any claims. It’s possible that the effects of the other compounds that can be found in gels and creams are enhanced by CBD, though we’ll have to wait before we know for sure.

Consuming CBD

Okay, but what about consuming CBD, is it a good idea? The short answer is: yes. The strength of the effects will depend on the dose, and whether it is a CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD. Many sellers jump on the CBD-bandwagon and offer products that offer minuscule amounts of CBD, which is why you should always check the product label. CBD isolate is more widely available, because it doesn’t contain any THC, though unfortunately, the effects are weaker. That’s because of the entourage effect. There are several hundred different compounds in weed, and they work synergistically, which means that if you consume only one of them, the effects won’t be as potent. That’s why, if it’s possible, it’s better to buy full-spectrum CBD. Even a small amount of THC will increase the effects significantly, but if you don’t take too much of it, you might not even notice it’s psychoactive properties.

Besides providing excellent pain relief, CBD is also great at reducing anxiety, though if you are stressed, or prone to panic attacks, it’s better to avoid products that contain THC. Though the mix of those two is better at helping with pain, when it comes to anxiety, THC could actually aggravate the problems. 

Check the label!

Before you buy any product with CBD, you should remember to check the label. This way, you’ll know how much CBD there is, which is crucial, as many sellers use various methods to trick people into buying their products.