Mommy Makeovers are so hot right now that it’s highly likely you’ve heard the term before. So you probably already know that they involve a tummy tuck and breast enhancements.

But what type of breast enhancement? Is it a lift, augmentation, or both? Do you really need breast augmentation if you’re getting a Mommy Makeover?

We explore all that and more in today’s blog. Read on for all the info you need to know.

Mommy Makeovers: A Growing Trend

Mommy Makeovers – which usually involve breast enhancement or a lift, and abdominoplasty (a “tummy tuck”) – experienced a slight dip in 2020, but are now on the rise again, according to statistics.

And all told, they’re up significantly since the 2010s and early 2000s.

That’s because a combination procedure designed to make women feel their best after becoming mothers can boost self-esteem as much as it lifts skin. More and more women are turning to these two procedures, plus others (such as fat transfer or thigh lifts), to feel their very best when their children are toddlers, in school, or even in college and beyond.

Breast Augmentation Tops the Charts in Procedures

Part of this is because breast augmentation – increasing the volume of the breasts – is as popular as ever.

A few benefits of breast augmentation can include increased self-confidence, looking and feeling better in clothes, and a return to a potentially younger appearance. In fact, it’s the top plastic surgery among women.

But do you have to get breast implants if you’re having Mommy Makeovers? Not necessarily – though many women do. 

Breast Changes During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Many women opt for breast plastic surgery following pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

While these circumstances can mean no change at all for some women, many women experience sagging and other changes they don’t like.

When this happens, either a breast lift, an augmentation, or both can be options.

Is a Breast Lift Enough?

For women who do not desire more volume, a breast lift can be an excellent choice.

A breast lift involves an incision – usually around the areola – and removal of any excess, baggy skin. The breast tissue and remaining skin are then lifted up and sutured into place.

If you have plenty of breast volume, and/or are happy with the size of your breasts now (just not their positioning), breast lift surgery as part of your Mommy Makeovers may be the best option for you.

Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

For other women, breast implants, or liposuction fat grafting/fat transfer to the breasts, is a great option. This choice is best for women who desire more volume in the breasts.

If you’d like a lift plus more volume, a breast augmentation and lift combination is probably your best bet. Ask your plastic surgeon if this is an option for you.

How to Decide Which Procedure to Get

Whether a lift, augmentation, or both are the right choice will be up to you and your plastic surgeon.

Before your surgery, you will have a consultation with your surgeon. Be sure to advise him or her of your goals, your lifestyle, and what you hope to achieve.

Your plastic surgeon will let you know what options are available given your health, your financial situation, and what your desired results are. He or she will then give you a realistic idea of what your end result might be.

Also consider your lifestyle and the recovery time of each procedure before you make a decision.

Make sure you keep your expectations realistic. You won’t have exactly the same body you had before pregnancy, but you can bring back a more youthful bodily appearance, plus get enhancements you either had before, or never had but currently want.

The Bottom Line

The plastic surgery you decide on is up to you. You don’t “have” to have a breast enhancement (breast augmentation) procedure if you don’t want one. And remember, the person who most needs to be happy with your body, is you.

Keep your expectations realistic – but at the same time, remember that being happier with your body can mean more self-confidence in other areas of your life, too. The right breast procedure during your Mommy Makeover can make all the difference.