When it comes to being fitter, there is a common misconception that prevails in our society that by hitting the gym and eating diet food we can be fitter. Though it is not at all negligible that these two factors play key roles in building our physique to a greater extent, only depending upon it is not always a feasible idea. One needs to put in more effort in terms of gaining a fitter physical and mental health as well.

Actually, being healthy mentally is more important in today’s society since a majority of people are suffering from deteriorating mental conditions these days which leads them towards an unhealthier life which in turn drives them to several other physical health hazards as well. Therefore, we need to acknowledge the fact that there are other important factors in our lives to be fitter apart from the cliché workouts and dieting plans.

Let us discuss them in details here:

  • Take note of your sleeping habit– our sleeping habit plays a key role in deciding much about our health conditions. When we confine ourselves to a healthier sleeping habit it is obvious we will be healthier in many aspects but when we fail to maintain a healthy sleeping habit, it ought to create difficulties in our overall health. Inadequate sleep makes us anxious, distressed, causes fatigue and restlessness amongst other health hazards. The sleeping mattress that we choose also play a pivotal role in deciding our sleeping pattern and thus we must compare nectar vs purple mattress when deciding upon our sleeping endeavor.
  • Stay away from harmful addictions– if you are truly a fitness freak you would not let it be harmed through consumption of harmful additives like alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. that not only affects your physique but also damages you from within. These addictions are too unhealthy for a person and add to the health complexities to a greater extent. The extensive intake of such beverages even leads to damage to the vital organs which in turn can lead to death also. So, to remain fit avoid consumption of these kinds of stuff as much as possible.
  • Do not take much stress– an agonizing mental health condition does not only disturbs you mentally but it is also responsible for your deteriorating physical health. When a person remains in stressful mind and suffers from depression, he is more likely to develop the symptoms of a worsening health condition that turns severe with passing time. So it is advisable that you take life positively and do not take much stress about any situation as that won’t help you anyway!
  • Maintain regularity in whatever you do– even if you do not maintain a healthy diet chart or do not hit the gym regularly, you can still be fitter than a lot of people. How? Well, by maintaining proper meal and sleep timing to be precise. When a person eats and sleeps on time consistently, the body becomes used to the routine and thereby keeps us healthier for a longer period.


In the modern era that we live in, people tend to be too busy in their own world of personal and professional commitments. While being busy, they forget to take care of their health and feel the burden once they reach a certain age limit.

That is why it is very important that we take out some time for ourselves daily from our busy schedules and devote that time towards improving our overall health. We cannot forget that the healthier we are, the more are the chances of better survival in the long run; as we all know what Charles Darwin said- “survival of the fittest”.

Therefore, we all must focus hard on keeping ourselves healthy by any and every means possible; relying on just workouts and dieting won’t help anymore! It should be combined with the factors mentioned above to get superior results concerning our physical and mental health.