Sinuses are cavities located around the nose and eyes and in front of the face within a person’s skull. These cavities contribute to the reduced weight of the head. They also create mucus, which keeps the nasal passages moist. Mucus acts as a barrier, keeping undesired particles such as pollution, dirt, and infectious organisms. Chronic sinus problems can harm one’s quality of life. Swollen sinuses can induce snoring or sleep apnea by restricting airflow.

If you are suffering from sinuses and related conditions, you need sinus surgery.  Midtown East sinus surgery specialist Richard L. Nass, M.D., F.A.C.S., offers the solution you need. Contact him today and book an appointment to address your case.

What is Sinus Surgery?

Sinus surgery is a process that tries to eliminate obstructions and open the sinuses’ channels. This is a treatment option for recurring sinus infections, aberrant sinus anatomy, or irregular sinus growths. Before proceeding to surgery, a doctor will typically try various therapies and procedures. If none of these methods work, surgery may be required.

Types of Sinus Surgery

There are four types of sinus surgery which include:

·         Sinus ostial dilation surgery- a medical procedure aimed at correcting issues related to the midline of the nose

·         Turbinate reduction- aims to reduce swelling and size to make it easier to breathe

·         Functional endoscopic surgery– is a procedure that restructures the bones and cartilage that makes up the nose

·         Balloon sinuplasty- is a procedure designed to help patients find relief from sinusitis related symptoms

Why Sinus Surgery?

The purpose of sinus surgery is to remove any blocking at the drainage pathways of the sinuses. This may involve the following:

·         Swollen tissue

·         Tumors blocking the nasal or sinus passage

·         Mucous membranes

·         Thin pieces of bone

·         Nasal polyps

Any of these sinus problems can lead to the following symptoms:

·         Headaches

·         Running nose

·         Difficulty in breathing

·         Pressure around the nose and the eyes

·         Changes in hearing, ear blockage feeling

What is the Procedure of Sinus Surgery?

Sinus surgery is a medical operation that follows the following procedure:

·         You will be subjected to either local or general anesthesia

·         A small microscope will be put into your sinuses to allow the surgeon to see what is going on up close as they work.

·         The surgeon will then operate on your sinuses to remove obstructions, tiny bits of bone, or polyps.

·         If you are under local anesthesia, you may feel some pressure or notice the surgeon removing objects from your nasal system. This relates to the noise you might hear at the dentist while getting a cavity filled.

Are There Risks Associated with Sinus Surgery?

Complications of the sinus are rare, and they include the following:

·         Bleeding

·         Damaged vision or surrounding tissue

·         Brain fluid leak or infection

·         Brain injury

·         Intracranial complications

·         Changes to a person’s voice

·         Loss of smell or taste

·         Nasal issues

Talk to a Sinus Surgery Specialist Today?

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