There has been plenty of talk in the press and online about the benefits of CBD oil, and also the controversy surrounding it. Many of you will be asking ‘what is CBD oil’ as well as wondering whether it is legal. We’re here to help you understand these issues and – more importantly – to talk about the use of CBD for muscle recovery. Let’s start by talking about what CBD oil is all about.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol. It is one of more than 110 elements, known as cannabinoids, that are found in the cannabis plant. Many of these are used for various medicinal purposes, but while CBD has been known for many decades, it is only recently that it has come to the fore in the pain relief and medical world.

The controversy comes about because of its origins; CBD is an extract of cannabis, and cannabis is – by and large – illegal to use. So why has CBD been passed for medical use? The main factor to consider about CBD is that while it will give you some of the effects of taking cannabis, it does not contain THC; this is the element that is psychoactive in cannabis, that which gives you the familiar ‘high’. Medical Cannabis is now legal to use in many states, and CBD oil is also, but you should check before you go ahead.

It’s worth bearing in mind, also, that while there are many thousands of people who use CBD for pain relief, anxiety and stress, and other problems and ailments, it is not yet FDA approved for many uses.

How Does CBD Help with Muscle Recovery?

Working out takes its toll on the body. Your muscles are put under intense stress and the  body is exposed to what is known as ‘oxidative breakdown’. This is one area where CBD can offer you help, as it is known to have certain anti-oxidative properties.

Another problem associated with the body and workouts is that of inflammation; this can be caused by mistakes or over-work, and is liable to slow down your workout rate. Once again, CBD oil is known to be an anti-inflammatory, so will help with getting your muscles back into shape.

So far, so good, but what else is CBD useful for?

Where CBD is widely used is in the area of pain management and treatment. This is a widely reported aspect of using the substance, and it is one that is very successful. If you check out the excellent and informative CBD Oil Geek website you will find that there is much more to CBD thank you might think, and it’s very much worth having a read.

CBD and Other Problems

If you do suffer from pain – whether from muscle strain or other problems – it will inevitably lead to problems sleeping. This is another area where CBD is useful. CBD oil, and other methods of ingesting CBD, helps very much with sleeping – as has been reported by many satisfied users – so is an interesting alternative to other sleeping aids you may be using, and a safe one too.

Put simply, the many uses of CBD are still being researched, and while that is going on, many people are using CBD to combat pain, to relieve stress and anxiety, to help with muscle restoration and much more. The actual benefits of this quite amazing – and readily available – substance may yet turn out to be far more numerous than is currently thought, so why not check out CBD Oil Geek now for more information, and see how CBD can help you.