The bedroom is the most important space of our house. It is our personal space to take rest and relax  after a long day of work or daily chores. It is the private space of our own thoughts , memories, recovery and relaxation so it should be a refreshing , soothing & calm place. A good bedroom must be clutter-free, clean and decorated with pleasant decors and colors.  Decorating a bedroom is not an easy task as we need to be very selective for this relaxing part of our house. While choosing decor items for our bedroom, we should always keep it in our mind that the decor items should not be too vibrant or too eye-catchy. It should be subtle, calm and peaceful for a good and sound sleeping environment. 

Here are some tips and ideas to make your bedroom more interesting yet relaxing :


It is the most basic element of the bedroom that can create a good atmosphere of the bedroom without being too heavy for your pockets. It brings comfort and happiness to your bedroom if the right color and style of the bedding is chosen. The most popular colors that go well with all the wall colors  are  white, sky blue, yellow, grey, pink etc. Choose subtle  colors for enhancing the beauty of your bedroom. You can choose patterned and vivid comforter or cushions for a neutral shade of bedsheet. Deep jewel tones add luxe and glamour to any bedroom. For a cozy look prop large , square pillows behind the ones you use for sleeping. You also add faux fur cushions for a cozy and comfortable look of your bedroom. 


Lighting plays a very important role in the bedroom decoration as it creates a perfect mood for your bedroom. You can add different kinds of lights for adding a romantic, luxurious and cozy touch to your room. Opt for a beautiful chandelier for your bedroom.  You can also add the beauty of Indian art by adding a hand painted wooden bedside lamp or pyramid lamp for a cozy and comfy bedtime reading. Just choose a sweet and calming color of the lamp head like sky blue, white, yellow, pink, etc. The stand can be metal or wooden as per your choice.

Paintings and accessories

If the walls and side table of the bedroom are vacant and boring then you can use a large piece of art or series of paintings  above the bed set to add a beautiful interest to a crisp vacant wall. You can add a beautiful painting like traditional Indian painting of dhokra work warli handpainted paintings and others. You can also add a beautiful vase with some fresh or synthetic flowers to make your bedroom more refreshing and calming. 

Rugs and carpets 

Rugs and carpets can revamp and revive the decor of the room immediately. It is one of the most beautiful decor items for your bedroom as it brings comfort and beauty to your home. It enhances the beauty of the floor furnishing. Carpets are simple soft covering of the floor which absorbs all the tiredness of the body and gives an energetic morning everyday. Rugs are smaller than carpets they are easy to clean and replace. Soft hairy rugs are the best for your bedroom.  You can also choose modern, tribal, mughal style, traditional, oriental rugs and carpets for a designer look and homey feel for your bedroom. Always choose a right color , right pattern and right size according to the size and color of the room for complete harmony and peace of the room.


A bedroom should have beautiful curtains as curtains decide the colour to be dominated in the room. If you have large windows or just doors you should always choose the color and pattern of your curtains according to the room size , and color of the walls , floor , carpets and furniture. If your room has vivid colored walls , carpet , or furniture then it is always best to opt for neutral tones and vice versa. However for a subtle look, always choose a curtain color slightly lighter or darker than the walls of the room. Warm and rosy tones will create a cozy and glowing space while shades of blue may create cooler and less welcoming light.