Many runners are reluctant to strength train believing that it will negatively effect their VO2 max and Anaerobic/Lactic threshold. However current research indicates these markers are unaffected and strength training actually improves running economy up to 4.6%.

Running economy (RE) is the rate your body uses less oxygen at a given pace. So improve your RE and you are either faster over a given distance or can run farther at a given speed. Either way research suggests strength training helps produce a cleaner more controlled stride resulting in less stress on the body. Better for performance and staying off the injured list!

How does RUNFIT take this information and use it to deal with running injuries?

A basic component of performance training is see how closely we can stress the body without causing it to breakdown. This is just a continuation of the rehabilitation philosophy. When we recover from an injury, we give the injured tissue just enough load to adapt without re-injury and then keep increasing the load until it’s back to normal. When seen this way, performance training is a continuation of proper rehab and vice versa – a continuum more that isolated training stages. With this philosophy, we make our runners better that what they were prior to injury, from rehabilitation to performance and injury prevention.

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By James Greene, BPE, CSCS

After competitively participating in hockey, James found his muse by seeking activity and adventure in the mountains, competing in trail ultra marathons. He believes that physical activity and movement are integral to maintaining balance in life and strives to enable others to achieve their personal peak performance in sport, physical activity and health.


RUNFIT is an in clinic program designed to help runners of ALL levels gain the strength, mobility and skills necessary to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Each RUNFIT athlete receives:

  • Complete Functional Movement and Core Assessment
  • Custom Strength Mobility and Flexibility Programs
  • Video Treadmill Analysis
  • Review of Current Training Program
  • Footwear Recommendations


TAKE THE GUESS WORK OUT OF YOUR RUNNING PROGRAM We help runners of all ages and abilities to run farther and faster without injury. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned runner, we’ll create a comprehensive program specific to you – helping you achieve your goals, improve your results and crush your PB’s.

DID YOUR RUNNING SEASON END EARLY? We know weak, faulty movement patterns lead to injury and poor sports performance. Using detailed analysis, we capture how your body moves and identify where it’s breaking down and at risk of injury. Use your off season to retrain your body to move properly and be a stronger more efficient runner next spring!

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