Your feet are that significant part of your body which sustain your entire body weight; so naturally, they demand more care and protection.Protection that can also be offered through proper shoes for back pain. But ironically enough, they are also the most ignored parts of our body. We have stocked all kinds of products for our face and hair, but do we care enough for our feet?

Swollen feet and ankles occur because of fluid accumulation in the tissues. It can happen because of many reasons – pregnancy, obesity, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), diabetes, heart ailments, and deficiency of nutrients or sometimes, lack of physical exercise throughout the day.

Fortunately, there are many tips to treat swollen feet and ankles, and some of the major ones are –

Try a Magnesium Supplement – Magnesium is a vital compound, which can be found in Epsom salt, brown rice, beans, nuts and leafy vegetables. You can also intake magnesium in the form of pills. 200-250mg, twice a day is a sufficient quantity.

Add some Yoga to your Daily Routine – Yoga is a natural, inexpensive and easy way to better your health. Yoga postures not only make you flexible but also improve blood circulation in various parts of your body. There are specific feet exercises mentioned in Yoga. You can try them for swollen feet, and notice the improvement yourself!

Try a Soak in Tonic Water – Tonic water is a great remedy for swelling. Add some tonic into the lukewarm or room-temperature water, and give your feet a good soak for about 15-20 minutes. After the soak, apply some moisturizing cream to lock in the tonic and moisture, thereby keeping your feet hydrated. There are many feet remedies you can try your hands on, to help yourself. Mix and match are always better to know what works the best for you!

Utilize that Grapefruit Essential Oil – You can either put the grapefruit essential oil in your warm bath, or you can mix it with other massaging oils and give your feet and ankles, a relaxing massage. Massages improve blood circulation and reduce fluid retention in the feet, hence removing the swelling.

Do a Salt Water Soak If you don’t have any oils or pills, you can go back to the basics, and grab some salt from your kitchen. Put around half a cup of salt in a warm water tub, and soak your feet in it, till the pain subsides. You can also use sea salt or Epsom salt, which is rich in Magnesium Sulphate.

Leg Elevation – Gravity also has its long term effects on your legs and feet, so whenever you get a chance, do elevate your legs to relax them. Gravity is always and continually pulling your legs and feet towards the ground with force, and exertion of this constant force tires your leg muscles. Ideally, you should elevate your legs in such a way that they are above your heart. Try using a pillow under your legs while sleeping to see better results!

Add fluids to your Diet – Water retention occurs, when your body thinks that it has to store up water since you are not consuming enough of it! So, if you add more water to your daily intake, your body will reduce the storage of water, which will further treat that nasty swelling which has become a problem for you for a while now!

Use Comfortable Footwear While Traveling – Shoes and socks are the only companions of your feet while traveling, and if your travel includes a hike or a lot of walks, make sure the shoes you are packing are comfortable to walk-in!

Cut on Salt Consumption – Avoid eating too much salt (sodium) as salt promotes water retention. Your body needs water to dissolve salt, and when the quantity of salt is high, it starts storing water, which results in swelling of various body parts.

Along with taking care of the swelling, also make sure you keep your feet and ankles moisturized and free of any cracks or dryness.

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