Do Canadian citizens need a visa to enter Myanmar

To enter Myanmar, Canadian citizens will need a visa. Even if you have a visa, there are still restrictions on what you can do with it. Only the Yangon, Mandalay, and Nap Pyi Taw international airports can be used when entering Myanmar with the Myanmar visa. Single-entry visas have a 90-day validity period after they are issued.

What are the requirements for a Myanmar Visa for Canadians?

All Canadian visitors to Myanmar who are granted a visa are subject to several rules and regulations. It is only permitted to participate in certain activities with a tourist visa, such as seeing family and friends and taking yoga classes. Without the proper visas, individuals are not allowed to engage in any kind of business, employment, or educational activities. Each applicant will be required to submit a letter of employment or a brief description of their current occupation if they are self-employed or retired. Students may present a student ID.

How to obtain a Myanmar visa for Canadian visitors?

Canadians who want to apply for a Myanmar visa must do so by mail, with the application sent to the Myanmar Embassy. Obtaining a Myanmar visa Canada is as simple as filling out an online form and waiting less than 15 minutes.

What is Myanmar eVisa for Canadian Citizens?

The Myanmar eVisa is an electronic visa that facilitates entry into the country from Canada and other countries.

Tourist and business eVisas are available to Canadian citizens and are both valid for three months from the date of issuance.

The Myanmar eVisa can be applied online by answering a few questions, uploading a recent photograph, and paying the processing fee.

Besides saving time and money, the Myanmar eVisa also eliminates the need for Canadians to gather a large amount of paperwork, travel to the embassy in person, or go through a personal interview with an immigration official.

Types of Myanmar eVisas for Canadian Citizens

Both the tourist and business eVisas for Myanmar are available to Canadian passport holders. Listed below is a summary of each type.

Tourist eVisa

Canadians who plan to visit Myanmar as tourists are eligible for this type of visa (visit attractions, go sightseeing, or travel around the country).

It is possible to stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days with a single-entry tourist eVisa.

Business eVisa

If you’re planning a business trip to Myanmar, you can apply for a Myanmar business eVisa.

For Canadians, this is a single-entry, 70-day visa that can be applied online. An invitation from a Myanmar-registered company is required when applying for it.

The Myanmar eVisas for Canadians are valid for three months from the date of approval for both tourists and business travelers to Myanmar. Additionally, visitors to Myanmar are required to present their approved eVisas to gain entry.

Myanmar visa fees

A Myanmar eVisa-tourist purpose will cost $85 USD, and an eVisa-business purpose will cost $110 USD. Fees must be paid by a valid debit/credit card.

Travel Information

The name “Golden Land” was given to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) because of its rich cultural heritage and abundance of natural resources. Despite its long history of rising and falling empires and military dictatorships, it is now a sought-after tourist destination. For many enlightened souls who have visited Myanmar in the last few years, the country has become an important part of their spiritual journeys. If you’re planning a trip to this energetic locale, make sure to check out these top tourist attractions.

If you’re in Yangon, you must visit Shwedagon Pagoda. Yangon’s main commercial city, Yangon, has its own Eiffel Tower. Most of the city’s rooftops have a good view of this massive golden icon.

Bagan, like Shwedagon Pagoda, is an essential part of any trip to Myanmar. Motorcycles are the best mode of transportation, and they can be rented at any of the numerous stands or directly from hotels. Here, the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular. There are hundreds of temples in the area, so exploring the less-known ones is a great way to spend the day.

Take a ride in a basket to the top of the world. The pagodas are shown below. These rides aren’t for those who are afraid of heights or who are backpacking on a tight budget. Hot air balloon rides over Bagan (or Inle Lake) are as magical and wonderful as they sound if you have the cash. These rides cost between U$300 and U$400.