Erectile dysfunction has become a prevalent issue nowadays, especially in older adults, though it can also affect younger people as well. As you age, you’re more likely to experience such a dysfunction. The risk also increases due to the unhealthy changes in a person’s lifestyle. Any habit that may damage the penis’ blood flow can cause this situation, therefore, it’s best to understand what it is and how to prevent it.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, occurs when you are unable to have and sustain an erection in your penis for sexual activity. To have an erection, a lot of parts in your body have to work together. Your nerves, your hormones, and even your emotional state of mind can affect your erection. When some parts of your body don’t function properly, your penis won’t have its erection.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunctions

If you want to avoid the occurrence of such a problem, check some of the following causes:


This is a condition caused by high blood sugar due to your body’s inability to produce the right amount of insulin hormones. A lot of people suffer from this, which can affect the entire body. In this case, diabetes is also one of the main proven causes of impotence.

If you don’t control your sugar intake, it can result in high blood sugar, which in turn can damage the blood vessels and nerves of your penis. These nerves and blood vessels play a big part in achieving stronger erections, and are responsible for controlling the flow and circulation of blood to the penis.

Heart Problems

These are problems that affect your heart and mostly the blood vessels. Some of these are high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, and atherosclerosis or the condition in which your arteries have hardened. When your penis receives little blood flow caused by heart problems, you are likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Smoking or Tobacco Use

Smoking is also one of the leading causes of impotence. Every time you smoke, you are releasing unhealthy chemicals to your body, which can damage the lining of the blood vessels in your penis. As a result, your penis will get poor arterial blood supply. But if you can completely discontinue your habit of smoking, you can improve or cure erectile dysfunction.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health plays a big part in your well-being, which is also vital in the process of erection. If you’re having mental health problems, these can lead to the inability of obtaining any sexual excitement. Aside from mental health problems, other psychological reasons for not being able to achieve an erection may be not being attracted to your partner sexually anymore, or you’re stressed out or even anxious.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol is a proven depressant, and consuming more than what is recommended can lessen your drive for sexual activity. Aside from negatively affecting your health, excessive alcohol drinking can release toxins that can damage the organs in charge of erection. So if you’re planning to have a hard night of drinks, don’t expect to have a hard night in bed.

How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

The key point you have to remember to avoid erectile dysfunction is basically to live a healthier life. It may sound cliche but living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent erectile dysfunction. Don’t think of it as a punishment but as a lifestyle you have to adapt. Moreover, you can follow these tips to avoid having an erectile dysfunction:

  • Be more active and exercise more often. For instance, a regular walk for 30 minutes a day is not only good for the health but also drops the risk of having erectile dysfunction. Middle-aged men can restore their sexual performance by having a moderate exercise routine.
  • Eat healthily. When you have a healthy diet that includes eating natural foods like fish, grain, vegetables, and fruits, this can prevent the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.
  • Stay fit. Obesity can increase the risk of diabetes and vascular diseases, and these two are factors that increase the risk of impotence. Try to regulate your weight and stay within the 32-inch waistline.


If you keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle, your chances of erectile dysfunction will decrease. Now that you know its causes, it’s best that you avoid these to have a healthy, prosperous, and fruitful life ahead of you. Moreover, aside from living a healthy life, avoiding the causes of erectile dysfunction can make you and your partner enjoy your sexual life.