The world houses a vast number and varieties of coffee beans and coffee types. Different people have different preferences when it comes to their cup of brew. Coffee is an expensive commodity in its own, a normal cup of coffee would cost you around $4-7 in normal cafeterias. And then there is Kopi Luwak which is known to be the most expensive coffee in the world and costs around $35-100. But, do you know the procedure of production of this coffee? Very few people actually know the procedure behind the production of the most expensive coffee in the world. Here is every information that you wish to know about kopi luwak or civet coffee.

How Is Kopi Luwak Prepared?

Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee and is prepared using the coffee beans extracted from the faeces of Palm civet cat. This cat is mainly found in the Asian subcontinent in generally on the islands of Bali, Java, Sumatra, in the Indonesia. The process of production of this coffee is major speciality of this coffee. A well explained process of production of kopi Luwak is described in the below section.

Process of production of world’s most expensive coffee

Civet coffee as told earlier is the most expensive coffee known so far and the most bizarre fact about this coffee is the process of production. The process begins with the extraction of coffee cherries or the coffee beans from the coffee tree. These coffee beans are then undergone several measures of tests for selecting the best varieties of coffee. These hand picked coffee beans are then fed to the asian palm civet cat.

It is due to the extraordinary digestive system of these civet cats that the coffee is so rich in its flavour. The digestion system o these civet cats is such that the pulp and the covering of these cherries are digested but the seeds remain undigested. During this process a special type of fermentation occurs which is known to impart a special flavor to this coffee. These cats are called as luwaks in Indonesia. These coffee cherries are then excreted out as coffee beans by the civet cats. In the areas of southern eastern Asia, these faeces are known to be golden faeces and are collected by the farmers.

The final steps include washing, drying, pounding and then roasting of these coffee beans. The skin of these coffee are removed through pounding. Once done with the procedure your kopi luwak is all set to amaze you with its aroma and flavour. It can be prepared in the way similar to the way other types of coffee are prepared.

Here’s everything that you ever wanted to know about the world’s most expensive coffee. A lot of people do not even know the process of production of coffee which they consume with all their heart. Kopi Luwak is surely the richest and the most flavoursome coffee in the world and hence, the prices.