With working from home becoming the normal for many, and a return to the office not looking like a mandatory expectation anymore, those now working from their home office could have and already have faced some issues with a little stiffness and lowered physical fitness – after all, time spent at the office may mean getting up and routinely chatting with co-workers, a walk to the break room, or anything else to get moving – something that can be harder at home when dialled in to the work. This may not only be something for remote workers either, with more time spent at home in general with gamers looking for more information here on their favourite online services, binge watchers of the latest TV shows, or just those taking a longer break, these exercise tips for office workers are great when spending any extended period of time at home where movement may not be highest on the list.

A Quick Run On The Spot ­

Whilst it’s recommended to get up every 45-minutes or so when at the desk, it may not always be feasible to get up and take a walk around to stretch the legs before getting back to it and something more vigorous may be needed – simply getting up and running on the spot for 60-seconds could be enough for many to get the heart pumping and inject a bit more energy into the day, lift the knees high and do it a few times throughout the day and it could give that big injection of energy that’s needed to keep going particularly on the tougher days.

Shoulder Blade Pinches Can Help Reduce Stress

Examples like above of often the first port of call – bigger exercises that target the limbs are the easiest to remember. Particularly when being hunched over all day with posture slipping throughout, shoulder blade pinches can be a great way to keep that area active too – simply sit upright and push the shoulders back so they pinch in the middle, hold for a short duration, and slowly release. Repeat this a few times, and it may help with lingering shoulder issues that come with the posture.

Does The 7-Minute Workout Work?

If a working space provides a bit more room, then certainly go for some bigger movements too – popular apps like Seven Minute Workout provide a variety of options for those who are able to spend just a little more time each day and with a bit more space to try something different, or some stretching with yoga or similar in a different room could offer the same break and burst of energy needed to the day.