Express Lane Urgent Care, located in Turlock, California, offers quality medical services for all family members in California. The health care facility provides walk in clinic visits and scheduled same day appointments creating a flexible experience for people living in the city of Turlock and surrounding communities. The clinic is open for seven days a week, including evening hours offering urgent care needs. When there are no appointments, Express Lane Urgent Care provides treatment to patients requiring emergency attention or administration of personal care services.

What is the quality of services provided?

The team of medical professionals at the facility uses their experience to provide every patient with high-level care and also offering personal follow up on a patient. The medical personnel dedicates themselves to enhancing urgent and efficient treatments to patients so that they can resume their daily lives and normal health in the shortest possible time. The Express Lane Urgent Care team is known to provide their patients with high-quality care and offer the right follow-up services to ensure their patients resume good health.

What are the services provided?

Express Lane Urgent Care is quite efficient for emergency medical situations. Some of the services offered at the facility include treatments for injuries and minor ailments such as rashes, mild asthma, common cold, strep throat, pink eye, lacerations, sprains and strains, bronchitis, sinus infection, and urinary tract infections. Most of these ailments require specialized treatment which the health care facility offers.

The health center posts various blogs on their website to educate people on multiple illnesses such as ‘what can I do about Acute Bronchitis?’ The blogs act as a good learning platform for people on how to avoid certain diseases and what to do when certain conditions attack you. The blogs also teach people on how to define the signs and symptoms of specific ailments and recommend to you the best medical action one should take

The incorporation of new technology makes the clinic offer a high level of quality medical services. Injuries such as acute bronchitis or other respiratory diseases need high-level equipment for scanning to determine the extent of infections before administering treatment to a patient. The team of medical personnel at the hospital ensure that their services are up-to-standard, thus maintaining its image to the people of Turlock and surrounding communities.

What is the review of their services by patients?

Express Lane Urgent Care always values feedback about their service administration from their valued patients. To date, the facility boasts a collection of sixty-seven reviews with an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars. Most of the patients state that services at the facility are handled professionally and also with urgency. From the testimonials made by various patients, the facility is reliable in treating ailments.

One can quickly contact Express Lane Urgent Care by visiting the hospital anytime during their working hours. The easy accessibility makes the center reliable for most people to provide most urgent care facilities. The provision of excellent quality services by highly trained personnel also builds the trust the patients have in the treatment services offered at the hospital.