Overly large, heavy breasts are a major concern for women who have them. They cause physical pain, emotional insecurities, and frustration finding clothing that fits comfortably. While some women develop large breasts after pregnancy or weight gain, others develop them as early in their teen years, shaping the way they perceive their own body image. These women can consider reducing them through surgery. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures around, and it has one of the highest satisfaction rates among patients.

Breast reduction is the process of removing excess tissue and fat. This procedure is almost always combined with a breast lift to remove excess skin, tighten the remaining tissues, and reposition the nipple-areola complex on the breast.

This surgery is tailored to you, and it can be performed with some variation. Well, here are some facts on breast reduction to ponder:

Breast Reduction Surgery Will Leave You With a Scar

No surgery will leave you without a scar. But with breast reduction, there are various ways to perform it and reduce the occurrence of scars. It means you can discuss the potential location of your scars with your plastic surgeon.

Most surgeons aim to make your scars unnoticeable and simple to conceal with clothing. They employ a method in which the scars are placed around your nipple, down the lower pole of the breast, and within the breast fold itself.

Scars typically have an anchor or keyhole shape and aren’t noticeable once fully recovered. 

A person’s weight could have a major impact on a surgical operation. Before allowing their patients to have surgery, plastic surgeons may advise them to shed a few pounds. This is for health reasons because the additional fat could make the procedure more difficult. Additionally, losing fat after your breast reduction may have adverse effects on the new aesthetics of your breasts.

You Might Have a Loss of Sensation

A loss of nipple sensation occurs in 10 to 15 percent of patients. Even though it’s uncommon, nerve damage can result in total loss of nipple sensation. Both breastfeeding and sexual arousal may be hampered by this too.

It Is an Outpatient Procedure

With breast reduction surgery, you don’t need to be bedridden for long. You may get the procedure and return home in time for dinner.

However, because you’ll be given general anesthesia, you might need someone to drive you to and from the hospital or to stay with you there overnight until the medication wears off.

It Carries Risks

Any surgical procedure carries some risk. Bleeding, irregular scarring, infection, slow or poor healing, alterations in skin sensitivity, harm to a muscle or nerve, and loss of a nipple are all possible risks of breast reduction surgery, though they are rare and uncommon. 

Thankfully, most issues are temporary. Before having a breast reduction, it’s crucial to discuss your chances of problems with your physician.

You Need Rest and a Few Days Off from Work

You must relax after the procedure. You must take at least a week off after breast reduction surgery to allow your body to recuperate. Patients typically experience pain and tenderness in their breasts at this time. 

Patients with this surgery could also be under tight instructions to only wear specially designed, supporting clothing while they heal.


What Size of Tissue Is Removed During a Breast Reduction?

On average, most women aim to decrease their breast size by at least one or two cup sizes. The amount of breast tissue removed should help provide a natural-looking shape, meaning that the contours of your body will be better balanced.

Is Having My Breasts Reduced Painful?

Although you will be given anesthesia for the treatment, you should anticipate feeling sore for two to three days. You will be given a prescription for painkillers. Also, your physician could advise putting on covered ice packs to sensitive places to lessen uneasiness and inflammation.

How Long Does a Breast Reduction Procedure Take?

The procedure typically lasts between three and four hours. Some patients may require more time to remove extra breast volume (fat and glandular tissue), create an aesthetic contour, and seal the site to reduce scarring.

How Much Is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction costs vary. For example, breast reduction costs in New York will depend on the surgeon’s cost, the anesthetic fees, and facility fees.