Misaligned teeth can be a big bane, no matter how old you are. They can affect the way you eat and speak, and worse, make you low on self-esteem. Anyone who has crooked teeth is bound to face rude comments at some point or the other. It definitely makes sense to opt for a corrective treatment to address the issue. However, there are certain misconceptions about dental braces that may dissuade you from seeking treatment at the earliest. Here are some key facts that you must absolutely know before getting braces. 

Age is not the deciding factor

The common mindset about braces as a corrective measure is that they work only for teenagers. But the truth is that there is no age limit for taking this treatment, as long as the teeth and gums of the patient are reasonably strong. If you are an adult and feel that you need to work on aligning your teeth, there is no reason you shouldn’t get started with treatment. And if you notice that your child has crooked teeth, you should fix an orthodontist’s appointment sooner rather than later. 

Braces go beyond straight teeth

The purpose of braces goes beyond just giving you perfectly straight teeth. Obviously, this is one of the key objectives but the treatment achieves much more. Your orthodontist starts by examining your mouth for different issues besides crooked teeth. They will assess your overall oral and dental health and identify how it associates with dental misalignment. Further, they will evaluate facts such as your bite and speech to decide a holistic treatment plan that matches your needs and condition.

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Know the difference between dentists and orthodontists

The most common issue that patients have while opting for braces is that they really don’t know the difference between a dentist and orthodontist. Remember that you need a specialist you can trust to handle the treatment with the right skill and dexterity. Look for a Pittsburgh Orthodontist with ample experience in treating complex cases and working with innovative techniques such as Invisalign. You can ask around for recommendations and read online reviews to connect with someone you can trust. Make sure that you see a specialist capable of treating you properly, right for the first time.

Treatment cost and timelines may vary

Just because someone you know has spent a lot of money on braces does not mean that you will have to do it as well. The cost and timelines may vary from person to person and depends on individual cases and conditions. Rather than assuming that the treatment will always be expensive and time consuming, check out with a specialist to get an estimate for your case. Things may be easier and quicker to resolve with your specific condition. You may even get the option of affordable payment plans if you want to economize treatment.

Now that you know these facts about braces, you will probably want to start with the treatment right away. The smartest move would be to find a seasoned orthodontist you can trust to set things right for you.