Forget #TBT. Your favourite old school styles are making a comeback—with no signs of disappearing anytime soon. From the ’80s bomber jacket, to hightop kicks, it seems like the 80’s are everywhere again. Everything from music to fashion is reappearing on billboards and our radio stations (please don’t bring back the awful hairstyles).

Global fitness lifestyle brand Reebok is making waves with their Classic Spring lineup and we we’re able to get our hands (or more correctly our feet) on a pair of a few of the new styles. With partnerships including the likes of Gigi Hadid and Sharina Gutierrez, Rebook is stepping up their game to make the old new again for a group of kids who never knew a banana clip or a Walkman.

As a part of the brand’s ongoing “Always Classic” campaign, Hadid has joined the party to show what it means to be unstoppable with the Reebok Freestyle Hi, a sneaker that has changed the face of women’s fitness and reflects the brand’s longstanding commitment to female empowerment.

Gigi continually pushes her limits to be the best version of herself, breaking boundaries and proving that nothing is impossible. Her fearless attitude is the perfect embodiment of the Freestyle Hi; from being the first fitness shoe for women in the 80’s to being a style icon today, the sneaker has transcended from fitness to fashion, encouraging generations of women to express themselves without limitations.

Launched during the aerobics-crazy Eighties — years before Hadid was born — the Freestyle Hi has evolved from the first fitness shoe for women to more of an everyday fashion look. As a Reebok brand ambassador, Hadid — like Karlie Kloss and many other on-the-go models and endorsement-ized celebrities — is often photographed on the street in off-to-the-gym attire.

In a Reebok video, Hadid described being classic as, “it’s now and it’s also something that will hopefully inspire the future.”

Known for marching to the beat of her own drum, Sharina Gutierrez has made a name for herself in the modeling world and created an image all her own. In an industry with countless pressures to look and act a certain way, she ignores what others think and expect from her, and stays true and committed to just doing her.

“Classic to me is being your own, original person,” says Gutierrez.

Classic Leather has been a statement-making shoe since ’83, when it went from a running sneaker to a style staple thanks to its clean lines and timeless silhouette. For over three decades, Classic Leather has continued to speak to people in different ways. The Classic Leather Flexweave hybrid is the marriage of an iconic classic and cutting-edge material.

Celebrating what makes her unique comes naturally for Gutierrez, and she shows her carefree and adventurous personality by keeping things real. While everyone else is going to the left, she’s blazing her trail over on the right. Gutierrez prides herself in being a true classic.