Can you think of better feelings than the sun on your face and the wind in your hair? No? You’re not alone. There are proven benefits of going outside and living someplace that allows you access to being outdoors. More public outdoor areas, such as parks, are commonly referred to as ‘green space.’ 

Time spent outdoors has a direct, positive impact on your mental health. Being outside can help to lower anxiety and keep depression at bay. So much so, many mental health care providers have resorted to conducting certain activities outside to incorporate healing, and even the prevention of mental health issues, with nature. The benefits of outdoor mental health treatment are effective with any age group. The range of treatments spans every part of the life cycle. There are professionals that offer therapeutic treatment plans to adolescents as well as seniors battling with dementia. 

Practical Addition

What could be better than having a readily accessible, outdoor area? Making it useful and creating memories through gatherings of friends and family, of course! You could increase your living space by incorporating an outdoor oasis and merging your indoor living with outdoor living. You are limited only by your imagination and the resources available to bring your vision to fruition. 

Adding an outdoor kitchen, for example, can facilitate the opportunity to engage with your guests while you are preparing a meal to serve. Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to only refer to grilling. With the right amount of planning, you can build a fully functional kitchen complete with stainless steel outdoor kitchen doors, which would prove useful regardless of what Mother Nature may have in store.

Ageless Enjoyment

Having access to a backyard isn’t only for the young families looking to entertain; people of any age can, and should, take full advantage of the benefits of going outside. Seniors can and should have the chance to go outdoors and enjoy the lower stress levels that simply being in nature allows, regardless of their current health or living situation. If you or your loved one is in need of a retirement community, be sure to take into consideration the availability of green space to help promote a higher quality of life. 

Happy and Healthy

You may have heard there has been plenty of research to support that being outside is actually beneficial to your health, but how? According to a study involving University of Michigan students, short-term memory was proven to be approximately 20% better among participants who walked around an arboretum compared to those who walked the city streets. Spending time in nature is also directly associated with reducing inflammation; higher levels of inflammation is a byproduct of several physical ailments. 

Improved performance is another side effect of taking time to experience nature. If you feel overwhelmed with a project at work or all the demands at home, allow yourself to escape to the great outdoors. Even if it’s only a walk in a park, and you’ll find upon your return to the task at hand, your focus has been reentered and renewed making the task at hand, less of a task. 

Peace of mind is essential to good mental health. When you find yourself overwhelmed with day-to-day life, take yourself outdoors and let the healing powers of nature to recharge your batteries. Experiencing the great outdoors also eliminates stress and fatigue as well as lowers blood pressure. You can also combat mental fatigue and reduce anxiety levels. With the constant demands of work, family and social life obligations, make the time to treat yourself to some time outside and let nature help you to breathe deeper, rejuvenate you and reap the benefits of going outside.