About 18 months ago my best friend, my dog Thai passed away. Thai was a daily example of unconditional love in my life; his loyal friendship and strength, his tireless love was what gave me the strength to face each day with a smile and a new determination.

I was absolutely devastated at the loss of my best friend and I really didn’t know quite what to do with my life. I had a personal training business and clothing store that was struggling to survive and at the same time it was sucking the life out of me. I had no work-life balance, and my stress level was unmanageable. Then we hosted a memorial ceremony for Thai, and an animal communicator came up to me and told me she was getting a very strong message from Thai for me. His message was – find Joy.

So started my journey of finding Joy. I started becoming more aware of what brought me Joy and asking myself what I could do daily to find Joy in my life. I was searching for this until the day one of my clients asked me if I would be willing to start personal training with a group of seniors at our parent’s home. As I began to work with seniors I learned the true meaning of joy. Joy was watching somebody who relied on a walker every day coming to the fitness room with their cane! It was watching their smile as they recounted a story of surprising their friends with the strength they had created for walking. A strength they developed through hard work during their session and harder work on their own – Diligently following their home program day after day, week after week.