Fitness is not just about pushing your body outside of its comfort zone. It is also about finding the balance between a challenge and wellness. Wellness includes mental health and relaxation.

So, how exactly does mental health and relaxation fit into a fitness routine? Honestly, quite easily. Massage therapy could be the key to helping you feel better, having more energy, and improving your overall health program.

If physical fitness is important to you, try exploring massage therapy. Book a massage and try it for yourself. Many wellness businesses, like the Hands of Hope Chiropractic’s massage therapy, have experts able to help in this.

In the meantime, check out the benefits of massage therapy!

Speeds Up Recovery

A massage helps speed up recovery after a workout. Muscles have increased vessel formation after a massage. The recovery time is shortened as the massage helps your muscles to circulate oxygen and to rebuild cells. More blood is sent to those muscles recovering from the workout. It can also help with physical conditioning after an injury.

Decreases Inflammation

Studies show even a ten-minute massage will reduce inflammation after a workout. Inflammation from a workout can lead to swelling, stiffness, or other issues. A massage helps the damaged tissue and prevents further damage or potential infection. Instead of trying Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories, try a massage!

Heals Athletic Injuries

If you have an event or competition coming up, you’ll need to prioritize relaxing stiff joints and muscles. Massage therapy helps with this and increases flexibility.

Inflexibility can lead to injuries, either during training or in the competition itself. A massage therapist can even target problem areas, like tight hips or hamstrings.

Increases Energy

A relaxing massage can lead to more energy! Remember how this treatment sends oxygen to muscles? Well when this happens, energy and endurance increase, too. Not only do you recover faster but you also have more energy the next time you work on your fitness routine.

Improves Blood Flow

Okay, now back to that inflammation. Inflammation is not good for muscles, and it reduces blood flow. This means it takes longer for injuries to heal.

A massage increases blood flow and counteracts all of that. Healthy circulation and blood flow are essential when recovering from a workout, competition, or other fitness endeavors.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Of course, one benefit of seeing a masseuse is relaxation. Life itself causes a lot of anxiety and stress. This takes a toll on our bodies and can actually detract from the benefits of a workout.

Regular visits to a masseuse help to reduce anxiety. These professionals know how to ease tension in the body, which triggers feelings of relaxation. When you seek treatment from a professional with training, education and years of experience, you are seeing a guru who can help not only your body but your mind.

Relieves Pain and Improve Mood

Inflammation reduction and blood circulation lead to pain relief. If the pain is caused by a workout, massages are a great way to reduce that pain.

This form of treatment releases serotonin, which chemically improves your mood. Being dedicated to a fitness routine means pushing your body. While some people take pride in the soreness as a job well done, there is no need to endure that pain. Reduce the inflammation with massage therapy and get back to your routine that much faster!

Ready for It?

Yes, massages are therapeutic, but they are more than that when it comes to fitness and mental health. By incorporating them into your fitness routine, you can attain relaxation and pain management! You will also reap the benefits of improved circulation, enhanced health, and increased endurance. Finding time for a massage means you are finding time for yourself and your well-being.