Several years ago, fitness and cryptocurrency would have nothing to do with each other. Not anymore. While the crypto world was associated only with Bitcoin and Ethereum, many new crypto coins appeared on the cryptocurrency market recently. But cryptocurrencies are now a lot more than financial instruments. You can buy USDT and make a lot of money, but cryptos can drive whole industries to get better.

What is the common thing between fitness apps and crypto?

Exercise and fintech seem like two things that don’t go hand in hand. If you’re exercising, you probably aren’t watching the price of Tether/USDT fluctuate or keeping up with the latest ICO news. But there is actually a number of ways in which cryptocurrency and exercise intersect.  And while most people don’t associate cryptocurrency with fitness, there are several apps that pay crypto for exercising.


Actifit is a decentralized application (Dapp) built on the Steem and Hive blockchains and the Binance Smart Chain. The Dapp for Android and iOS allows users to earn rewards for their current physical activity. The app tracks their background activity and verifies it with a Proof of Activity concept that earns them tokens, which can then be traded on the app’s exchange or used to learn more about fitness and nutrition.

The AFIT token is the utility token for Actifit, and it can be traded on a market exchange. Customers can use AFIT for a variety of needs, from fitness consultations to e-book purchases or even purchase Gym equipment or health supplements.


Sweatcoin: 0.95 Coins For Every 1000 Steps You Take! The app will track your steps and start rewarding you with coins once you hit any milestone starting from 10,000 steps. These coins cannot be traded like a traditional cryptocurrency, but they can be used to redeem products such as Amazon gift cards, fitness products, and more.

And with the slogan ‘it pays to walk,’ this Fitnesapp certainly deserves its place among the top fitness apps as of today. Actually, in many countries it has already reached the #1 spot, so its founders can be proud of their product!


LifeCoin rewards your active lifestyle by converting your steps into virtual currency. Its gift card exchange, discount codes, and more can be redeemed with LifeCoins, which are earned by getting out and moving. LifeCoin rewards active lifestyles with gift card exchanges, discounts on electronics, and more. Your distance traveled will earn you LifeCoins that can be used to buy athletic gear or toward upcoming races.


LYM tokens can be used to buy the latest tech devices or top-notch exercise gear in the Lympo shop. You complete daily running and walking assignments on the app to earn bonuses. Both outdoor and indoor activities are given tips with the Lympo app. The team has well matured to develop a more significant relationship with the fitness community. Names such as Nike and Adidas are two of their partners.


The FitCoin app can sync with fitness trackers such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, and others. They send data such as heart rate and length of activity to the app, which will monitor how much energy is being used. The app will convert this information into FitCoins, a new cryptocurrency that can be cashed out for Bitcoin or used to purchase items on a new marketplace on

PK Rewards

When fitness enthusiasts get an app like PK Rewards, they won’t need any other workout gear because it tracks all kinds of exercises. Hiking, running, jogging, weight lifting, leg lifts – whatever type of movement you get up to will earn coins. The more work you put into your exercise regime, the quicker you’ll earn coins to redeem for rewards such as trips, apparel, and even gift cards.


BEFIT is a unique fitness platform that allows you to track your progress using your smartphone. From logging your workouts to keeping track of how many calories you burn, BEFIT gives you the information you need to stay motivated and on the right track. Users can send coins to each other, helping each other reach their fitness goals even if they aren’t at the same location.


Fitness apps will surely help you find the “inner” best of your body. But with the help of cryptocurrencies, you might actually find some great ways to combine working out, which is both healthy and delightful, and money-making. Sure, this wasn’t possible a few years ago, but nowadays, everything is possible. Running has never looked so attractive.