Saunas are promoted as a life extension tool, performance enhancer, and an overall tool for wellness. It has various benefits to offer to elite athletes, working parents, senior citizens, and everyone else. Sauna enthusiasts go for steaming 4-7 times a week. This means being away from your home, family, and other obligations. People are now installing a sauna in their homes to ensure they get their steaming and get to be with their families. With a home sauna, you can enjoy the benefits of steaming together with your family. Also, you will never go to a questionable spa ever again.

You can set up a home sauna to provide safe heat therapy. You may add spa-like features such as Himalayan salt, medical-grade chromotherapy lighting, and integrated Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music, audiobooks, or podcasts.

For people who love living healthy, detoxifying is part and parcel of their life. They have included some cleansing products to their routine. These cleansing products and a little sweating are not enough. A sauna in your home will help you detoxify. Here are some of the fitness benefits of a sauna in your home. 

Increased hormone production

Sauna sessions lead to a natural increase in hormone production. A session lasts between 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 80-100 degrees Celsius. People who undergo this treatment have increased hormone growth by 2-5 folds. Hormone growth continues even after the sessions are stopped. 

Both saunas and exercises raise the body temperature, with boosts hormone production. Therefore, if you increase the core body temperature when working out, and then sit in a sauna for at least 15 minutes, you will reap the benefits.

A study showed that steaming increases a woman’s level of HCG, helping the body build muscles and break down fats.

Muscle recovery

After heavy workouts, the muscles are tightened. Immersive heat therapy, such as a sauna, is recommended to relax the muscles and eliminate muscle contraction, which might cause a muscle pull. Infrared penetrates the neuromuscular system and improves cell growth and recovery. This is why Olympic athletes, such as Doctor Jeffrey Spencer, are such huge fans of infrared saunas. 

Infrared saunas can target inflamed muscles, leading to faster recovery. A study in Japan revealed that people with chronic pain from arthritis had almost 70 percent pain reduction after infrared exposure.


Exercising has numerous advantages to the body. However, workouts make the body release oxidants. Free radicals are emitted from the body cells. Strenuous activities lead to increased release of free radicals. Though the benefits of exercising outweigh the effects of free radicals in the body, the sauna’s detoxification effects will help eliminate these free radicals.

The heat in the sauna causes people to sweat. This facilitates the body’s detoxification process where toxins and oxidative by-products are released through sweat. 

Reduced stress levels

After vigorous exercises, the body is fatigued. In addition to the physical stress, the athletes have a job and a family stressing them. Having a sauna in your home where you can step into helps your brain to switch from adrenal fatigue to a calm and parasympathetic state that allows the body to heal, rest, and relax. 

Clinical studies show that the mental state of people who go to the sauna improves significantly. These people display more positivity, relaxation, clarity, and have reduced cortisone levels. Adrenaline has two forms, the fight and flight adrenaline, and the stress adrenaline. When exercising, both kinds of adrenaline are released. During a workout, the fight and flight adrenaline is used, but the stress adrenaline remains in the body. Steaming will help eliminate the adrenaline stress hormone.

Cardiovascular improvement

Saunas reduce the risk of premature death from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and hypertension. Research shows that far-infrared rays can help stabilize blood pressure and other heart disorders. Saunas improve cardiovascular health through increased blood circulation. When the body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate, and the heartbeat increases. This leads to increased blood circulation in the body, which translates to more oxygen and nutrients.

Sauna contributes to hyperthermic conditioning, which leads to increased levels of plasma and blood flow to the heart. Thus, when you are exercising, you will experience less muscular strains. 

Saunas have been around for a long time. Nowadays, people are installing them in their own houses. Numerous studies have proved the importance of saunas for athletes and other people who do vigorous exercises. Once your body is washed out and fatigued, a sauna session will help restore you to a state of equilibrium.