Fitness In A Snap

If you’re a trainer looking for a new way to help your clients improve, the answer is a snap!

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform, with over 5 million users. With over 25 million images being sent and received each second, Snapchat is quickly becoming a great tool for businesses to promote their brands through behind the scenes footage and exclusive content. While many of your friends are enjoying the puppy filter or the flower crown, trainers and fitness bloggers could use the popular app to help their clients get to the next level.

Marley Baird, social media advisor, is a huge advocate of those in the fitness industry utilising the popular app to improve their fitness game, in addition to some of the apps they may already be using, like Instagram.

“Instagram is great because it shows the image of whatever they’re using, whether it be a gym, a salon, a spa or whatever service they’re providing to their client, but Snapchat is a game changer,” she says.

“I know there are a lot of people who are trying to figure it out, but pay attention to this platform, because this is gonna be big. Because the information is so quick, your fans are really paying attention and because your viewers had to actively seek out to find your business, you know they are really paying attention. The videos are only 10 seconds, so you know that your viewers are actually taking in the content that you are providing.”

Snapchat isn’t just about selfies anymore; it’s an actual platform that could be used to grow your business, and help fitness bloggers and trainers really provide more than just in gym sessions or the standard workout posts.

“I know a lot of people think Snapchat is just for teenagers or sexting, but there is so much you could be doing to expand your brand. There are tutorials, there is behind the scenes, you could have your clients share their experiences on Snapchat. You could even collaborate with other businesses and share ideas using Snapchat,” Baird says. She even suggests adding behind the scenes meal planning, workout ideas and proper technique on Snapchat. Your training doesn’t have to end in the gym! You could teach your clients proper meal planning, suggest various supplements and even review proper form, all in quick, concise 10 second videos.

If you’re part of a team of coaches, Baird suggests that you could elect one person to become the “face” of your gym’s Snapchat.

“You could be funny, informative, or educational, whatever works for your business,” Baird says.

“With the success of YouTube tutorials, Instagram videos, you could use Snapchat to create quick tutorials, as well as use them to attract your viewers to your other pages and maximize your client engagement.”

With quick, concise, content, you can use Snapchat to engage your clients and help them reach their fitness goals, and document your own successes…the dog filter is optional.


Author Bio:

Mary-Helen Clark is a freelance journalist and single mom dedicated to setting the best example for her daughters. A passionate writer, she found a secondary love in fitness through crossfit & yoga, and believes active living is the key to a healthy self esteem.

Twitter: @MHClark2617
Instagram: MHC2617

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