For a month of training under the supervision of a mentor, you can lose weight well.

Bloggers and trainers are increasingly offering those who want to lose a couple of extra pounds to participate in fitness marathons. They are paid, but the creators promise that you will achieve stunning results in a reasonably short time, lose weight by the summer, and shine on the beaches. Girls are often interested in losing weight, but creators also invite men to participate in some marathons. Also, you can try your hand on 22Bet.

Sounds promising, but what happens after the magic weight-loss marathon is over?

A fitness marathon is a kind of sports quest, which aims to improve the body’s health and reduce weight quickly. The audience’s interest is fueled by the opportunity to win a car or another top smartphone model. Diet and workouts are drawn up for the participants. 

A menu for every day has been prepared for you, and you need to train about three to four times a week. Plus, marathon runners are invited to special chats to communicate with other people and ask psychologists, nutritionists, and trainers.

It all looks very cool, considering that there is a dream figure ahead. But there are also nuances.

What’s the catch?

First of all, the diet and training are designed for the average participant. The creators of the marathon cannot physically assess the state of each person, take into account all his diseases, psychological state. In this case, a participant with special needs most often has to run a marathon according to the general program.

Also, due to the huge flows of marathon runners, it is almost unrealistic to compose a calorie for everyone correctly. Because of this, a person may not have enough nutrients, which will negatively affect the functioning of the body.

The downside lies in the very process of fast weight loss. After all, if you lose weight too quickly, you will gain it back just as quickly, returning to your usual way of life. And getting better again is very scary. Because of this, a person can develop eating disorders, an over-focus on appearance, and, as a result, health problems.

How quickly do you achieve the result?

You can achieve excellent results in fitness marathons. A person finds himself in a community of like-minded people, where everyone is on the same wavelength. In addition, due to the promised prizes, there is also a competitive spirit.

On average, participants can lose plus or minus 4-7 kg. But often, the weight comes back.

What to do to keep the result?

You need to try to gradually “reflash” your program of life. Do not expect that it will be easy and fast: most likely, you will need more than one month and possibly a year. A long-lasting result requires a lot of time, effort, self-control, and daily work on oneself.

Don’t change your life abruptly. You need a smooth transition. However, changing habits too quickly can cause stress in the body, which will not lead to anything good.

You must follow the regime you lived in during the marathon for at least six months.

We do not recommend that you get too hung up on “bad” foods such as sugar. We believe that everything is possible but in moderation. So start small: if you ate five sweets over a cup of coffee, eat two; if you have never run, but want to start, run not 10 kilometers, but at least one first.

And if you cannot organize yourself, contact the specialists. They will always help you, put you on your feet, and tell you in which direction you need to move.