After an intense workout session, it’s only natural to feel some muscle stiffness and pain, after all, you just pushed them to their limits. Of course, that pain and stiffness can then spill over into the rest of your day and affect how active you are. This is exactly why so many people go down the route of natural muscle relaxers to help ease that discomfort, make it possible for them to go about their daily activities, and help them to recover faster so that they are ready for their next workout.

So, what are the best natural muscle relaxers to use? Which offer the most benefits? There are actually a few different routes to try, and sometimes it’s not a matter of just one be-all product, rather, it’s a combination of items that provide you with the best results. Here’s a list of five muscle relaxers that can make a huge difference in your post-workout recovery.

Topical CBD Oil

One product that is really picking up steam and getting a lot of attention as of late is CBD oil. There are several different ways to take it, but when it comes to muscle and joint pain, a topical solution is usually best. When applied to your skin, it is absorbed through your pores and then gets to work. It is so effective that even arthritis sufferers are turning to it for relief.

Typically, the effects take about an hour to start showing up, and then you can reapply the oil every few hours as needed. As an added bonus, the oil is filled with vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids, all of which are excellent for your skin. So you will be targeting your muscle and joint pain while giving your skin a hydrating treatment.

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Reach for Protein After Your Workout

There’s a reason that athletes turn to a protein shake after an intense workout, and those same benefits could be realized by you. Consuming protein after an intense workout will help to reduce the amount of muscle inflammation you have. When there is less inflammation, there is less pain. Protein shakes are typically the fastest and easiest way to go about consuming an adequate amount, and you can add other ingredients to the shake if you desire.

Arnica Oil or Cream

Arnica oil or cream is another product that people are turning to when it comes to relief from muscle pain. It should be noted that this is meant as a topical solution only, as ingesting arnica in a high dose can prove to be deadly. Typically, arnica is used to reduce bruising, and help the bruise to heal faster. Its effectiveness when it comes to muscle pain is still a bit hit and miss.

Concoct Your Own Post-Recover Shake

While a protein shake is certainly a great option after your workout, there’s also the option to concoct your own shake, so that you can add other key ingredients. There are a number of foods and spices that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which means the amount of pain you feel will be lessened. Key items to reach for include blueberries, peppermint oil, lemongrass, capsaicin (found in fresh chili peppers), cherry juice, chamomile, pomegranate juice, and curcumin (found in ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric).

Ice Pack or Heating Pad

Finally, there is the trusty ice pack or heating pad, which can also provide relief from muscle pain. Usually, you’ll get instant relief with heat or ice, as they can help to calm down muscles that are in spasm mode.

No Need to Suffer

By using these tips, you’ll be able to lessen the amount of pain you are in post-workout and recover a whole lot faster.