Modern technology can sometimes completely change the way we function and make our everyday life more comfortable. For example, since the invention of the rice cooker, many people changed how they prepare the rice because it ultimately improved the rice cooking method.

Rice cookers are famous worldwide because they deliver perfect rice without much effort. This doesn’t mean you have to own the most expensive rice cooker on the market, as a premium small rice cooker will give you the same results.

But, there are a couple of things you should know before you buy a rice cooker. Further down, you’ll find some useful tips the instruction manuals don’t mention, but that’ll make the entire process more successful.


The first and probably the most important thing you should consider before buying one is its size. So, this will depend on how much you want to cook at once and how much space you have to store it.

For example, if you’re a student living in the dorm, then the optimal option would be a small and compact option that’s not too bulky or heavy to transport.

However, if you have a big family and you’re all living under the same roof, then a larger one would be a better fit.

Of course, there are several options between these two opposite sides, so you can find a rice cooker that perfectly suits your needs.

Buying an unnecessarily large one won’t deliver the best results, and these machines often have a minimal rice amount required. Besides, large rice cookers spend more energy no matter how much rice you’re cooking.

So, before purchasing a rice cooker, remember that you need to add an approximately 1:1 ratio of water and rice. However, some rice cookers demand a bit different ratio, but that’ll be stated in the instruction manual.


Another major thing people take into consideration is the material used in the inner pan. Essentially, this material will be in direct contact with your rice, so think about what you would prefer.

On the one hand, some people prefer rice cookers with aluminum or stainless steel inner pan, which also has a nonstick coating for fast and easy cleanup. This is an excellent option for anyone cooking rice daily as this material requires minimal effort for an efficient wash.

On the other hand, some people prefer more natural materials for their inner pan. Clay and charcoal are most commonly used from all-natural materials because they have a naturally nonstick surface and no artificial coating is necessary. So, if you would like to go with more natural materials for your rice cooker, make sure the inner pan is made out of either clay or charcoal.

Cooking Time

The cooking time can also be a selling point for many people. Naturally, it depends on how much rice you want to cook and the rice cooker’s size. However, different brands have different rice cookers, so cooking time can vary even with the same amount of rice.

For example, you can get a rice cooker which cooks the rice for 10 minutes, while some rice cookers need even over 30 minutes for the same amount of rice. So, before you make a final decision, do a bit of research on how much time the rice cooker needs because that can save you up a lot of time in the long run.

Lid Type

Lid type can make a big difference. For instance, a glass lid that allows you to monitor the cooking process will ease the whole process, while a steam vent in the lid will prevent any bubbling and release the steam excess.

Lids can be sealed or unsealed. Rice cookers with unsealed lids are usually cheaper and easier to clean, but they can often rattle. The sealed lids will prevent any rattling and won’t spatter the water around your countertop. However, they are a bit pricier and harder to clean.

Additional Features

Today, rice cookers have various additional features, so they’ve become quite handy over time. These features may not affect the quality of the cooked rice but can indeed affect your decision on a rice cooker.

Namely, rice cookers can come with digital displays that countdown the time when your rice will be ready. Besides this, measuring lines inside the pot can make the entire cooking process much more comfortable, mainly because it eliminates the need for a measuring cup.


To sum it up, rice cookers are widely used today, so the market is filled with different rice cookers. Because of that, it can be challenging to pick just one and hope it’s worth the money.

That’s why you should consider these five things before making the final decision, and you’ll find what you’re looking for in a rice cooker.