Regardless of the sport that you play, your feet will have a big role in how well you do. Are you taking care of them well? Keeping your feet as healthy as possible can keep you up and moving pain-free as best you can and the professionals at Stride Podiatry Melbourne can help.

Warm up properly

When it comes to warming up for a workout or game, don’t forget about your feet. Your feet need as much attention as other parts of your body when it comes to getting warmed up for the day. Working out on cold tendons and muscles will increase the chance of injury.

Don’t overdo it

It is all too common for athletes to push themselves beyond the brink. Common injuries due to overuse are plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and even tarsal tunnel syndrome. All of these conditions will arise when you have pushed your feet too hard and they become rundown and tired. Go easy on yourself and stop if you are feeling any kind of pain. 

Wear the right footgear size

Forcing your feet into shoes, skates, or any type of sporting device, is never going to serve you well. Wide feet especially have trouble finding wide width shoes that fit right. If that sounds like you, you can consult with the experts at Wide Feet Gear for more guidance. Regardless of whether your feet are narrow or wide, your shoes need to fit you right.

Hygiene is important for everyone

Keeping your feet in good health means keeping them clean as well. To clean your feet properly, you need more than a simple shower and hope the water hits them. You should use a gentle cleanser or soap to wash around your feet and between your toes. Dry them properly afterward as well.

Do not keep wearing the same socks

Once your workout is over, you need to take your socks off. Leaving your feet to soak in the sweat of your socks puts you at a higher risk of developing athlete’s foot, wet/dry foot syndrome, and is generally unhygienic. Likewise, do not keep your wet, sweaty shoes on after a workout. Let your feet dry out and your shoes too.

Pack flip flops with you

After your workout is over and you have taken your socks off, you will need to wear something on your feet, especially if you are walking around a locker room or shower. The amount of bacteria and fungi that lives on locker room floors should be taken into consideration.

Think about your sport

Every sport does not use the same type of footgear. Knowing what is appropriate for your sport can help guide you to the type of shoes or skates that will keep your feet as healthy as possible. Do no wear walking shoes to go running, or even running shoes to go trail running. Think about what the demands of the sport are.

Think about your needs

Beyond knowing the type of footgear that you need for your sport, you will need to also think about your own needs for your feet. Some athletes need a lot of stability in order to avoid injury and perform well, whereas others need more cushion and comfort. Everyone’s foot needs are different.

Finally, it is important to remember that if your feet are causing your hurt or your find yourself looking for ways to stop the ache in your feet, it is a great time to consult a doctor. A podiatrist will be able to guide you toward better foot health and keep you up and going.