While the battle continues to rage between frozen dessert vs ice cream purists, there are a few clear victors in the competition. Frozen treat fans are generally known to enjoy a richer flavor in comparison to the more traditional ice cream. Whereas ice cream typically is sweetened with sugar and water and served with a creamy topping, frozen yogurt is often low calorie and has zero calories, so it’s perfect for those watching their weight.

Advantages of frozen desserts

Frozen desserts do have their advantages, including perhaps one of the simplest ways to enjoy a creamy treat any time of the day. Many people love ice creams at summer festivals and pool parties or baby showers – but there is another reason many people enjoy them so much. In fact, many health food stores and natural food stores sell organic ice creams as an alternative to traditional dairy products. However, frozen dessert lovers may have more options available to them when compared to the average consumer.

Vegetable juice as an alternative

Vegetable juice is also considered a frozen dessert, and in some cases, has been considered to be just as good (if not better) than ice cream. Vegetable juices may contain high levels of antioxidants compared to products made from ice cream or frozen fruits and vegetables, such as apple juice. And because frozen juices are typically lower in calories than these products, they can provide extra nutritional benefits to everyday dieters. That means vegetable juice may be just as effective in helping you lose weight as vegan frozen desserts, frozen yogurt, and other similar products.

Cold VS warm

In addition, many other types of dessert taste better when served cold than warm. Some examples include fruit ice cream, pudding, chocolate ice cream, and sherbet, which all taste best when cold. If you have guests over, you may find it difficult to turn on the ice cream maker or serve your guests with ice cream that looks and smells terrible (for example, sherbet). Fortunately, in most cases, this problem can be solved by simply warming the desert.

The experiment

If you’re wondering whether frozen solid desserts are as good as you think they are, consider the situation of someone who’s trying to make yogurt, ice cream, sherbet, and chocolate pudding out of the same amount of ingredients. Of course, each of these dishes may look different, but they will taste the same. Now imagine that you take the same amount of time to make your desert and then heat it right before serving. The yogurt may well melt, and your ice cream may begin to freeze solid. 

When people try this experiment, they usually find that the frozen desserts do better than the rest. On the other hand, if you’ve already made some homemade ice cream using frozen strawberries and bananas, you know that it can be frozen solid too, but the result won’t be as good as homemade ice cream made with fresh fruit.

Although there are clear advantages of frozen desserts compared to ice creams – the final decision is still up to you.