In Indian mythology, the Garuda is a sacred mythical bird that changes shape according to its function. It’s a fitting name for our new exercise system, which is unique in its versatility, flexibility and precision of movement. Garuda’s results are striking.  Increased strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being. Garuda offers a cardiovascular workout while drawing deeply on mental focus, and teaching the sacred principle of relaxation within movement. The result is a stronger, leaner body, improved posture and true ease of movement and mind. The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body. The classes are designed to be challenging and fun. Since the syllabus is so broad in scope the routines range from beginner/elementary to advanced/professional.  All of the exercises are systematically devised to bring your mind back into exercise while making your body the leanest, strongest and most flexible it has ever been. There are several components to the Garuda movement system, allowing for a wide variety of classes. Garuda incorporates the barre, foam roller, apparatus and mat work into its syllabus.


James D’Silva has designed a contemporary barre workout using the idea of pulling and pushing and standing out of your legs.  Here the Garuda Standing mat work is explored, and vigorous arm and leg work using resistance bands is brought in to establish length and strength in the body. This is functional strength training and challenges endurance, flexibility and balance.


Chakra (Foam Roller), is the defining word that aligns our newly produced foam rollers with the workouts we have created in opening, lengthening and strengthening our form. The word aptly described as the energetic wheel, allows us to challenge ourselves proprioceptively, while engaging our mental and physical prowess. Made exclusively to our own specifications. James has incorporated the Garuda repertoire and cleverly devised the movement material in making it as simple or advanced as needed. Chakra is the wheel of discovery, the energetic wheel that engages your physical, mental and spiritual well being. It is the longest and widest roller on the market printed with Garuda logo at each end and embossed Garuda on one side. At 122cm long x 18 cm wide, your clients will love the full spinal support and quality of this beautiful product.


James D’Silva created a single versatile, multi-functional device: the Garuda Apparatus. What’s particularly amazing about the Garuda apparatus is that it uses a single space saving piece of apparatus. Traditional exercise machines are very restricted in what they can do, so James worked closely with engineers to create a single hybrid exercise device with almost limitless possibilities. With its large split platform, chair attachment, increased range of movement within the framework and adjustability of the pulleys, ropes, stability sling, bars and straps, it takes exercise, body conditioning and rehabilitation to another level. Exercises continuously flow from one to the other as the Garuda apparatus becomes your workout playground, effortlessly integrating different attributes of the equipment.


The seated/standing mat work focused on strength, stability, balance and joint mobility. The movements heal & rejuvenate, working intensely within the fascial lines of the body. At the same time the limbs are constantly challenged through functional training, complex moves committing the core to supporting the frame.


True Movement is proud to be able to offer all of these classes, as well as being the host certification centre for Canada, with Master Trainer Erin Baker. We have a great working relationship with Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, who also realized quickly that our movement methods could help their patients. We ensure our clients receive the most beneficial, innovative knowledge to help them achieve a strong, pain free, open body. Regardless of age, and fitness level, our studio is for everyone. When we can create more space in your body, it allows you to move more at ease, taking the compression off your spine. It lets you perform your favourite tasks more efficiently, whether that is a professional sport, or regular day-to-day activities. The body responds extremely well and results are seen quickly.


By Erin Baker – True Movement